Solution by Thern: Innovative Wind Turbine Maintenance

The Client: Northern Power Systems (NPS), a prominent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in wind turbine electric power generators, sought out Thern for a unique and challenging problem. NPS faced a crucial issue regarding the maintenance of their turbine generator and rotor assemblies. The existing solution involved renting a large ground-based truck crane. However, this … Read more

Davit Cranes vs. Gantry Cranes: A Comprehensive Comparison

At worksites worldwide, the choice of a crane isn’t just about heavy lifting—it’s about making your operations smoother and more efficient. Enter the davit crane and the gantry crane, each with unique strengths. In this exploration, we’ll cut through the complexities to help you decide which crane is best suited for your unique worksite. Davit … Read more

When & Where Should You Use an Air Winch?

From mining and oil/gas to construction and marine industries, air winches serve as the ideal solution for pulling and lifting heavy loads in hazardous or explosive environments. This is because these winches are powered by compressed air and don’t produce sparks or heat, which enhances overall safety on the worksite. Thern is pleased to offer … Read more

Look No Further for the Best Hand Winch for Any Application

Maintaining 75 years of manufacturing excellence, Thern is proud to offer the best hand winches available on the market. When your job demands you to lift, lower, pull, or position a heavy load without power, count on our manual winches for superior performance. Our worm gear and spur gear models are designed with durability in … Read more

Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes for Emergency Situations

Durable. Reliable. Versatile. Three words that describe Thern davit cranes. With 75 years in business, you can count on our equipment to perform in crucial industries, from water/wastewater and manufacturing to construction and mining. The applications are virtually limitless. Continuing our commitment to innovation, we are pleased to introduce our new Rescue-Rated Series of davit … Read more

Solution by Thern: NFL Draft Stage Winches and Controls

The Client: StageFX, a prominent organization specializing in large scale structures and turnkey staging solutions, sought Thern’s expertise for a unique challenge. In November 2022, they approached Thern with a specific request involving the installation of winches within their expansive truss sections. Their objective was to lift these interconnected truss sections from ground level to … Read more

Heavy-Duty Industrial Winches for Pulling Sludge Carts & Dumpsters

Water/wastewater treatment plants provide crucial services to help protect people and local ecosystems from harmful elements found in wastewater. For decades, Thern has served as a reliable source for lifting, pulling, and positioning equipment involved in municipal and industrial water treatment processes. One common use for our heavy-duty industrial winches at these facilities is to … Read more

Made in the USA: A Leading Midwest Winch & Crane Manufacturer

We live in a country that has always prided itself on entrepreneurship and encouraging the growth of locally run businesses. Our company had humble beginnings, being founded in Winona, Minnesota, by Royal G. Thern and his wife Lucille in 1948. At the time, Thern began manufacturing a handful of basic winches and other miscellaneous tools. … Read more

Explore Full-Time Jobs with Benefits at Thern

Look no further for a fulfilling career! At Thern, we seek talented people to join our team of dedicated professionals. In addition to a welcoming company culture, we’re pleased to offer full-time jobs with benefits such as a 401(k) with match, insurance package options, generous paid time off, opportunities for bonuses, and so much more … Read more

The Top Advantages of a Construction Winch on the Jobsite

Big construction projects call for tough equipment that can perform reliably under any conditions. Having a dependable construction winch can make all the difference for applications such as lifting heavy tools/materials and tensioning cables on bridges to erecting steel and positioning concrete beams. Thern is pleased to offer a wide range of construction winches that … Read more

Rent or Purchase a Reliable HVAC Crane for the Busy Maintenance Season

Does your team have plans to install or maintain rooftop HVAC systems this upcoming summer? Set your staff up for success and cut down on costs by renting or purchasing a reliable HVAC crane from Thern. We are pleased to offer several models with high capacities and long reach to streamline your critical operations. Choosing … Read more

Meet The Thern Team – Nicola Di Sante

Thern would like to introduce Nicola Di Sante, our Sales Manager in Southern Europe. As a newer addition to the team, he’s worked hard over the last 4 months to get acclimated to the company. Depending on the week, he travels to visit customers and distributors to ensure satisfaction across Europe. He also spends time … Read more

The Difference Between a Winch vs. Hoist: Explained

In the industrial realm, moving various types of loads can be a daily task. From lifting mixers or pumps to pulling a sludge cart, your business could benefit from a reliable winch or hoist to streamline operations. You may be wondering what the main differences are between a winch vs. hoist and which option is … Read more

Custom Cranes Designed to Meet Your Unique Needs

Have a special application that requires a custom crane? Thern has you covered to lift, lower, and position with confidence. From water/wastewater plants and construction companies to industrial manufacturers and OEMs, our experienced in-house engineers can consult, design, and implement necessary modifications to provide you with customized solutions for any industry or application. Constructing a … Read more

Crane Website Configurator Expansion: All Cranes Now Included

Thern has expanded the crane website configurator tool. Now, allowing users to select from ALL Thern cranes while utilizing the Helioz zipCPQ™ configure, price, and quote solution. Dating back to the fall of 2020, Thern, Inc. partnered with Helioz Technologies to create an effective online shopping experience. Allowing engineers, architects, and end users to determine … Read more

Solution by Thern: Space Concordia Rocketry

The Client: Space Concordia Rocketry is a remarkable student-led Space/Aerospace Organization with whom Thern had the honor to collaborate and provide a solution. Headquartered within Concordia University in Quebec, Canada, space enthusiasts come together and create record-breaking applications. Such as the most powerful liquid-fueled rocket engine ever built by university students. Space Concordia teaches and … Read more

2022 Achievements by Thern

2022 at Thern was a year filled with productivity, navigating obstacles, and having a blast solving challenging customer applications. Last year took Thern to new heights, and we embraced the growing nature of the company. To showcase Thern’s 2022 achievements, we’ll highlight three categories: new products, company development, and community involvement. Read below to find … Read more

A Simple Solution by Thern: Chumash Casino Resort Pump Station 

The Client: PumpMan SoCal provides onsite maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment used in water and wastewater systems. They recently worked with Thern to provide a solution for a lifting challenge at the Chumash Casino Resort pump station. The Challenge: The Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Mission Indians owns a wastewater treatment plant and two … Read more

Meet the Thern Team – Chris Reilly

Thern is happy to introduce Chris Reilly! Chris is the Product Manager and has been with the company for almost a year. Since he was hired, Chris has already made big improvements to the company. From his team to the product line, Chris is essential to the growth of Thern. Chris knew he wanted to … Read more

Portable Lifting Equipment Perfect for Non-Industrial Applications

Hopefully the headline makes you raise your eyebrows and wonder, “What exactly are they talking about? When and where would a person utilize portable lifting equipment in applications that are non-industrial?” We’re glad to explain! Portable lifting equipment takes many forms and is applied in different ways. Versatile Portable Lifting Equipment Examples Lifting Tables Lifting … Read more

Solutions by Thern®: Reliable Davit Cranes

Ace Industries is a third generation, coast-to-coast family business that manufactures, services and provides parts for overhead cranes. They also distribute select brands of davit cranes, workstation cranes, and jib cranes. Read more to learn about how Thern Inc. and Ace Industries work together to supply high-quality equipment to their customers. The Distributor: Founded in … Read more

Meet the Thern Team: Nick Jones

Nick Jones is the Industrial Market Manager for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.  He has pride in the Thern products and solutions he provides to customers. Overall, Nick feels good knowing that he is supplying the highest quality of cranes and winches to his customers. For Nick, it is important to believe … Read more

Heavy Lifting of Wastewater Treatment Plant Equipment Made Easy with Thern

Thern, Inc. is the reliable name in lifting, pulling, and positioning equipment involved in municipal and industrial water treatment processes. Wastewater treatment systems around the world rely on Thern products to continue critical operations. Among the most common applications of Thern products include pump and mixer lifts. Thern winches and cranes allow wastewater treatment plant … Read more

Meet the Thern Team – Nastasha Hanrehan

Nastasha Hanrehan has been on the Thern team for three years, working in Reception as Office Administrator.  She is the first point of contact for many Thern customers, answering initial questions and helping with any requests. In addition to managing the front desk of the office, Nastasha helps with organizing office events. She is appreciated … Read more

2K Liberty Electric Capstan Winch

Lift Even More with the 2,000 Pound Liberty Electric Capstan Winch by Thern! Thern has delivered yet another winner… the 2,000-pound (900 kilogram) capacity Liberty electric capstan winch. The new capstan has all the same innovative features of Thern’s best-selling 1,000-pound (450 kilogram) model, with double the lifting capacity. 2,000 Pound (900 Kilogram) Capacity Liberty … Read more

Meet the Thern Team – Tony Lamey

Tony Lamey specializes in welding and assembling large power winches and has been a part of the Thern crew for 33 years. Whether it’s behind a machine, managing the shop floor, or even welding a trophy for Thern to use for a company competition, Tony has dedicated decades of time and energy to Thern. 33 … Read more

An International Company

An International Company Manufacturing Top-Quality Winches and Cranes Winona, Minnesota may be a small town, but it is home to Thern, Inc., an international company that manufacturers winches and cranes. From this modest location along the Mississippi River below towering bluffs, Thern, Inc. sells products to customers around the world. Thern has been an international … Read more

Beating the Summer Heat with the Help of a Thern Rooftop Crane

Maintaining a desirable climate indoors is vital to the operation of an office, store, warehouse, manufacturing facility or especially a hospital. A rooftop crane from Thern can help reliably accomplish this critical, everyday task. The Client: A hospital in the Houston, Texas area looking to ensure that their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system … Read more

Solve Long Lift Problems with Thern Davit Cranes

Long Lift Cranes by Thern are Up for Any Challenge Thern has been providing solutions for long lifts for decades. A recent update to the standard product offering has enabled Thern to offer even better long and heavy lift cranes for a wide range of height and lifting capacity requirements. What’s Considered a Long Lift … Read more

OEM Equipment: Grasshopper Industries

Top Notch Solutions for Grasshopper Industries Grasshopper Industries is one of the important companies that Thern supplies OEM equipment to. An innovator in the rock-climbing industry, Grasshopper has created an adjustable climbing wall. This wall allows climbers to train in small spaces. Grasshopper turned to Thern to supply a winch that could adjust the hanging … Read more

OEM Equipment

Thern’s OEM Equipment in Multiple Industries What is an OEM?  An OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, is a company that manufactures finished products comprised of equipment from different companies. For example, there are many OEMs involved in the auto industry. One car is comprised of many different components supplied by various manufacturers. A car manufacturer … Read more

Original Equipment Manufacturer: AGE Logistics

Sky High with Skyhook by AGE Logistics AGE Logistics Corporation is an original equipment manufacturer that Thern, Inc. has been doing business with for over a decade. Read more to learn about how Thern and AGE work together to supply high-quality equipment to the United States Air Force. The Original Equipment Manufacturer: Similarly to Thern, … Read more

Meet the Thern Team – Derek Malles

Thern would like to introduce Derek Malles, Water/Wastewater Sales Representative. Derek has worked at Thern for 5 years and has been an incredible asset to the team from day one. While previously employed with a different company, Derek worked with Thern while servicing an account. From his interaction with Thern employees, Derek knew the atmosphere … Read more

Thern® 4BP Electric Power Winch

Introducing the Thern® 4BP Electric Power Winch: From Special to Standard Thern is launching a new product that will be an integral member of the heavy-duty electric power winch family. Introducing the 4BP series electric winch. Like the rest of Thern’s heavy-duty electric winches, this winch is built to handle long travel distances, accommodate faster … Read more

Solutions by Thern®: A Pump Hoist at Put-In-Bay

Thern® Collaborates with Tri State to Provide a Pump Hoist at Put-In-Bay The Water/Wastewater department at Thern® Inc consistently solve challenges customers face in the field. Most importantly, this resourceful team always considers the conditions of the job site to recommend the best Thern equipment for the application. The Water/Wastewater team often works with Tri State … Read more

Giving to the Community: Positive Impacts by Thern Employees

The city of Winona is one of the best places to live in Minnesota. Nestled amongst the bluffs along the Mississippi River, the town is known for its scenery, parks, outdoor activities, and more. One of the best characteristics of Winona is that you’ll be greeted with a smile everywhere you go. Whether a long-time … Read more

Our Company History at Thern®

At Thern Inc., we pride ourselves on being family founded, owned, and run. Recently, several members of the family sat down to talk about our company history, track record, and promising future. Members of the conversation include Danne and Fred, daughter and son-in-law of Royal and Lucille Thern, and Tedd and Tracy, son and daughter-in-law … Read more

Thern® Barge Positioning System: Power Meets Precision

Thern® Barge Positioning System in Uruguay Power meets precision with Thern’s custom-built barge positioning systems. Thern designs and builds winch systems to assist with the positioning and loading of barges at terminals along commercial shipping lanes around the world. These photos feature a barge positioning system in Uruguay! Thern employs heavy-duty steel framed electric winches … Read more

2021 Company Achievements for Thern®

2021 was a record-breaking year for Thern, Inc. We set several new sales records, surpassed our annual revenue goals, and sustained superb customer satisfaction. The company truly flourished. But it’s not all about the numbers; 2021 was a year of company achievements in many other ways. Four Categories of Company Achievements Nonstop Innovation 2021 was … Read more

Thern’s Paul Brunner Selected as USITT Fellow

USITT recently announced the newest Fellows of the Institute, and Thern Stage is excited to share that Business Development Director, Paul Brunner, has been selected! The honorary position of Fellow is achieved after many years of exceptional service to USITT and the entertainment industry. Paul was selected along with the other Fellows due to his … Read more

Versatile Industrial Winches for Every Application

Thern® winches are found lifting, pulling, and positioning loads in a wide variety of industrial environments such as: Bulk Handling Construction Defense Manufacturing Marine Oil & Gas Water/Wastewater Wind Energy Whatever the application, Thern industrial winches make the job more efficient. Manufactured with experience, a high-quality industrial winch by Thern provides durability, reliability, and a … Read more

Solutions by Thern: CE Winches at a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Northern Germany

Providing CE Rated Lifting Solutions in Europe. Thern is a well-respected equipment manufacturer in the water/wastewater industry in the United States and around the world. A common, reliable, CE rated solution was recently found for a wastewater treatment plant in Germany. The Client: A wastewater treatment plant located in Krummhoeren, Germany, found themselves challenged with … Read more

Meet the Thern Team – Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson recently celebrated his fifth work anniversary at Thern. He began his career at Thern in the maintenance department. When taking the position, Tim was excited by the potential for personal growth within the company. After learning many different facets of the business through working in maintenance then product assembly, he moved into his … Read more

Product Spotlight: Hitch-Mounted Davit Crane Base

Introducing the Thern® WorkMate hitch-mounted davit crane base! This newly designed davit crane base is compatible with a standard 2-inch receiver hitch of a work vehicle, allowing for a mounted crane and winch to travel directly to the worksite. With the WorkMate, Thern customers can now lift, lower, pull, or position equipment anytime, anywhere. Features … Read more

Best Davit Cranes for Offshore Wind Projects

As the switch to clean energy becomes more crucial than ever, Thern® is ready to meet that need head-on with its top-quality lifting solutions! Although there are many forms of renewable energy, generating power through wind is growing in popularity, which increases the demand for reliable equipment to install and maintain the turbines. Keep reading … Read more

Two Types of Construction Cranes on the Jobsite

A construction site is filled with a wide variety of equipment and materials. When passing by a site, someone can witness the use of a broad range of equipment from an excavator to a bulldozer, and quite often, a crane. Construction jobs almost always require the movement of heavy materials, so having a crane on … Read more

New Winch & Crane Wireless Remote Controls

Thern® electric winches and davit cranes save time, reduce operator fatigue, and enhance precision. Faster and more accurate lifting, lowering, pulling, and positioning equates to greater productivity, which is enhanced even further with a Thern control system. Thern control systems can be specifically engineered to match the needs of any application and all the demands … Read more

New Website Configurator to Streamline the Crane Purchasing Process

Thern® Partners with Helioz zipCPQ™ to Streamline the Digital Customer Experience Shopping online can be difficult and confusing. At Thern, we work to make our customers’ online experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. In an effort to offer our customers a better way to select and view various solutions available for their projects, we … Read more

Marine Davit Cranes: From Big to Small, Thern Covers Them All

The Earth is 72% water, so of course, Thern davit cranes get their hooks wet now and then. When you think of a marine davit crane, it’s common to imagine the behemoth heavy-lift marine cranes that envelope an entire vessel. Thern may not manufacture these giant cranes, but a Thern davit crane is just as … Read more

Solutions by Thern: Portable Davit Cranes for a Cleaner Waterway

Portable davit cranes assist in the difficult handling of oil-skimmers, used to clean our waterways. The Client: DESMI manufacture, sell and service pumping solutions and clean up systems worldwide. Founded in Denmark in 1834, DESMI is one of Denmark’s oldest companies and their pumping solutions are sold worldwide within marine & offshore, industry, defense & … Read more

Who is Thern?

Over the past 70+ years, Thern has become an industry leader in providing exceptional cranes, winches, and rigging equipment to end-users. As a family-owned company, we stay true to our core values and believe a positive work culture leads to the best products and services. At Thern we rely on six main core values to … Read more

What is an Air Winch? | Benefits and Applications

What is an Air Winch?  An air winch is a pulling or lifting device that is powered by a pneumatic motor. There are several types of pneumatic motors, the most popular of which being vane or radial piston. Some examples of vane motors in Thern products are our Durahoist and Atlas winches. In the MTA … Read more

Davit Crane vs. Jib Crane: A Breakdown

Davit Crane vs. Jib Crane The terms davit crane and jib crane are often used interchangeably. This is most likely because they have some similar characteristics and uses. A davit and a jib are both typically made of steel and are used to lift or lower equipment in a variety of settings. However, the similarities … Read more

Electric Winch vs. Hydraulic | Thern® Winches & Cranes

Winches are an essential product in many industries, including construction, marine, oil and gas, bulk material handling, wastewater, and theater. Depending on the application, the power source for the winch may include manual, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic. Two of the most common power inputs are hydraulic and electric. Each provides various advantages and disadvantages for … Read more

Zero Lost Time for 2020 at Thern

Thern employees continue to impress! As Thern continues to grow in many positive ways, the safety record is no exception, improving just the same. Employees that Care At Thern, employees care about the safety of themselves and others. Zero lost time was a company goal for 2020 and continues to be a goal going forward. … Read more

Can Industrial Winches and Hoist Complete the Same Job?

Industrial winches and hoists are designed to move many types of loads. Both of these mechanical devices are the same in a number of ways. They can be manual (hand-powered), electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic. But some applications are simply better with a winch while others should only employ a hoist. When should you discriminate against … Read more

Why Choose Portable Davit Cranes?

Davit cranes feature a wide variety of portable or stationary options configured with either hand or power winch operation. Manual winches offer an effective lifting solution when no power source is available. When there is power available, AC, DC, pneumatic, or hydraulic operation is offered to swiftly lift the load. Portable davit cranes break down … Read more

Solutions by Thern: Achieve New Heights with a Stationary Davit Crane

Thern’s customizable stationary davit crane ensures reliable and efficient maintenance operation procedures in petrochemical facilities. The Client: Pinnacle Polymers was elated with the results of a previous Thern solution, that they called Thern for their next project. They are a manufacturer of polypropylene pellets based in Garyville, Louisiana. Polypropylene pellets are a common thermoplastic resin … Read more

Innovation Corner: The Latest Products from Thern

Winch and Crane manufacturing is an ever-evolving field, constantly mixing in new iterations and innovations to create exciting new possibilities for today’s essential industries to complete jobs that keep the world in action. The big question? Which products demand the innovation, enhancements, and engineering expertise to ensure they will embrace the industry’s next endeavors. Find … Read more

Thern Excels in the ISO Audit

This past year Thern passed the ISO 9001:2015 standard! What is the ISO 9001:2015? In order to be certified, an organization must follow the requirements set forth in the ISO 9001 standard.  The standard is used by organizations to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements that … Read more

Solutions by Thern: Living Up to our Reputation

Thern was selected to provide a bulletproof hoisting and winch solution based on decades of rock-solid performance. The Client: New Century Plaza is a luxury condominium complex located adjacent to the famous Fox Studios. When completed, the location will not only be home to some of the biggest names in Hollywood, it will also be … Read more

Meet the Thern Team – Tanya Nascak

For more than 27 years Tanya has been an important part of the Thern team. Tanya arrived as a temporary, part-time employee back when she first started her career here at Thern. Quickly, she came to realize that she enjoyed her time in the office as well as her colleagues. As time progressed, she was … Read more

The Cost Effective Solution Case Study You’ll Never Forget

Thern divisions work together to provide a cost effective solution. The Client: Pinnacle Polymers is a manufacturer of polypropylene pellets, based in Garyville, Louisiana. Polypropylene pellets are a common thermoplastic resin typically used for injection molding applications in various industries such as the manufacturing of person protection equipment for first respondents including those on the … Read more

Solutions by Thern: A Fast Turnaround for a Perfect Fit

Thern utilizes rapid turnaround time to deliver a fast-reliable solution The Client: In 1995, a company was formed and became a leading producer of primary aluminum needs which refers to aluminum produced directly from mined ore. The role of the primary aluminum plant is to manufacture standard grade and value-added primary aluminum products. This leading … Read more

Meet the Thern Team – Udo Van Der Veen

Udo Van Der Veen has been an integral part of the Thern Europe sales team for the past 3 years. He is the Sales Manager for the Europe office. While Udo finds himself surrounded by a great group of energetic, positive people who are always willing to support each other from his office and across … Read more

Meet the Thern Team – Joy Dahl

Joy Dahl has worked at Thern in the accounts receivable department for the last five years. She has enjoyed the entirety of her time at Thern and is looking forward to the years to come. What she enjoys most about Thern is the ability to grow in her position while helping the organization to flourish. … Read more

The Wastewater Treatment Process

What is Wastewater? Wastewater is classified as used water from any combination of domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural activities, surface runoff, or storm water. The wastewater treatment process removes the contaminants from the wastewater and converts it into an element that can be returned to the water cycle with minimum impact on the environment. Water can … Read more

Proper Distancing… For your Winch

Winches don’t need social distancing; however, they do need proper distancing. For what you ask? For fleet angle. Using a winch to lift or position a load gives your project flexibility because you can have this material handling muscle positioned in various ways. You can place the winch above the load and use it vertically … Read more

Solutions by Thern: Launching NASA to New Heights

Thern’s cranes allow rocket testing to run smoothly and safely. The Client: The NASA Stennis space center is a test site for rockets used in the Artemis Program. NASA’s Artemis Program is an ongoing crewed spaceflight program with a plan to land the first woman and the next man on the moon by 2024. This … Read more

Meet the Thern Team – Michelle Hermann

Michelle is a recent addition to the Thern family and we are so lucky to have her! She joined our team as a HR Generalist! In February, 2020 and has spent every day helping our company to reach new heights. Michelle chose Thern because of the reputation that we have for treating employees well. She … Read more

Meet the Thern Team – Dan Smith

Dan Smith is one of the Planner / Buyers for Thern. He has been with the company for 12 years now and continues to find that it brings fresh and exciting challenges and projects each day. To Dan, Thern means family, teamwork, great products and efficient problem-solving. The coworkers and people involved in the company … Read more

Meet the Thern Team – Michael Bubbers

Michael Bubbers has been working at Thern for 9 months as Shipping Coordinator and has recently been promoted to the role of Shipping / Receiving Lead. After learning from a friend about Thern’s wonderful work environment, Michael applied for a position within the organization. Throughout his time at Thern, Michael learned that the people make … Read more

The Challenge at the Top

Modern wind towers are approximately 260 feet (80 meters) in height. When you are working at that distance above the ground, nothing is easy, and safety is everything. Erecting a wind tower is an engineering and construction marvel, but maintaining all of that expensive equipment once it is up in the air generating energy, and … Read more

Product Spotlight: Liberty Capstan Winch

Thern prides itself on providing high quality, reliable and exceptional products to end-users. The Liberty Capstan Winch is no exception. The Thern Liberty Capstan Winch delivers strength and high performance in a portable machine. This winch lifts and lowers loads reaching up to 1000lbs. With its durable powder-coat finish and corrosion-resistant components, the Liberty Capstan … Read more

Solutions By Thern: Reliable Lifting with Davit Cranes

Thern Cranes provide a safe solution for transporting equipment in CEMEX’s Aggregate Material Plant The Client: CEMEX, founded in 1906, has transformed from a small regional cement firm into a global leader in the building material industry. They dominate with a presence of 56 cement plants located in 50 countries worldwide. They are an organization … Read more

Why Thern?

The Thern Advantage Thern is a worldwide leader in exceptionally made lifting, pulling, and positioning equipment. Thern products are tough, versatile and reliable. Established in 1948, Thern Inc began as a small, family-owned business. In its humble beginnings, products such as corn shellers, lever operated chain hoists and differential chain hoists were the focus of … Read more

Meet the Thern Team- Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson is a Mechanical Engineer who has been crucial to the Thern team for almost 13 years. In July 2007 Jeremy decided to join Thern because of the robust and mechanical nature of the products, taking pride in the products Thern designs and manufactures. Jeremy also enjoys working for a smaller, family-owned company, making … Read more

Extreme Reliability for Extreme Conditions

Thern and Optimus Steel have formed a successful relationship working together over the past three years. Optimus Steel, located in Beaumont, Texas, is known for its manufacturing of high-quality Wire Rods, Coiled Rebar and Billets. They have used Thern’s 4WS Series Industrial Electric Winch as a part of their manufacturing process within their mill. Thern’s … Read more

Meet the Thern Team- Jay Atienza

Jay Atienza, an Industrial Market Manager, services the western region of the United States for Thern. Jay has been part of the Thern team for a little over a year and has quickly learned what Thern is all about. Jay, not having much knowledge in the industry before being hired on with Thern, has learned, … Read more

Efficiency in Food Plant Increases with Thern

Torn and Glasser, founded in 1928, has been a family-owned business for over 85 years, passed down three generations. The business began growing walnuts and watermelons, marketing their fresh produce in Los Angeles, California. They have since expanded their wholesale produce line and now import, process and package nuts, dried fruit, beans, rice, spices, candies … Read more

Solutions by Thern: Lifting Grasshopper Ind. to New Heights

Thern hand winch provides variability to meet climbers exact specifications The Client: Grasshopper Industries, an innovator in the rock-climbing industry, has created an adjustable climbing wall that allows enthusiasts and professionals alike the ability to aggressively train is small spaces. The 12 feet tall, the 8-foot-wide wall is easy to assemble-and-install. A completely adjustable solution … Read more

Solutions by Thern: Delivering State-of-the-Art Results

Thern Collaborates with S.A.F.E to Deliver State-of-the-Art Solution The Client: Thern is excited to share the details of a recent project that was completed in conjunction with S.A.F.E Structure Designs, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of custom equipment that provides innovative, ergonomic, safe, maintenance equipment to civilian and military sectors. The Challenge: … Read more

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