OEM Equipment

Thern’s OEM Equipment in Multiple Industries

What is an OEM? 

An OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, is a company that manufactures finished products comprised of equipment from different companies. For example, there are many OEMs involved in the auto industry. One car is comprised of many different components supplied by various manufacturers. A car manufacturer orders the parts, such as spark plugs or batteries, from a separate manufacturer and then assembles the parts into a car at their location.


OEM Equipment and Thern

OEMs are an important part of the business at Thern, Inc. Our VP of Marketing and Sales, John Lund, describes Thern’s relationship with OEMs:

“OEMs depend on Thern when they need their equipment to perform lifting, lowering, or positioning operations. Designing and manufacturing these solutions is a core competency at Thern, so it allows our OEM customers to focus on the things that make their equipment/offering special instead of investing scarce resources into an area where they may lack expertise or experience. Yes, the application might require Thern to engineer a custom product and control system, but we do so using our modular designs, saving our customers time and money. Best yet, when our OEM customers integrate a Thern product into their product/platform, they can be confident that their customer will enjoy trouble-free operation for years to come.”

Here are just some examples of OEM equipment that Thern has provided to OEM clients within the United States:

Skyhook Utility Crane

This OEM located in California uses a custom hand winch for their specialized aircraft utility crane.


OEM Equipment      OEM equipment

An OEM in Washington and an OEM in Wisconsin both use Thern equipment in various marine applications.


Celina Tent

Many OEMs use hand winches in applications that involve opening and closing the doors of large tents.



Grasshopper Climbing Co. uses a custom hand winch to lower and lift climbing walls.


Flag poles

Several OEMs incorporate Thern equipment to raise and lower flags.


Other OEM partners that Thern works with manufacture equipment for all sorts of industries. Whether it is OEM equipment for wastewater treatment plants or energy management, Thern can customize a solution fit for an OEM’s requirements. Therefore, if you are an OEM and need a lifting, lowering, positioning solution, get in contact with Thern today!

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