Solutions by Thern: Launching NASA to New Heights

Thern’s cranes allow rocket testing to run smoothly and safely.

The Client:

The NASA Stennis space center is a test site for rockets used in the Artemis Program. NASA’s Artemis Program is an ongoing crewed spaceflight program with a plan to land the first woman and the next man on the moon by 2024. This initiative is essential to the exploration of space from the Moon to Mars. The Space Launch System will be the largest rocket ever designed, launching Artemis I, II, and III. The success of this rocket will launch astronauts further into space than ever before.

The Challenge:

Testing rockets can be a dangerous activity, NASA required a crane solution that was mounted at various heights, throughout the rocket test facility while operating smoothly and efficiently.

Thern’s Solution:

Thern was able to meet their needs. NASA needed a solution that would allow for a reliable and safe way to test these rockets. With the use of Thern’s Portable Davit crane, the Commander 2000 series, the testing of the rockets is safer and more efficient.

The space center is currently using 4 cranes mounted at various levels of the test facility. Working with our distributor, Delta Rigging in Baton Rouge, LA, and Healtheon in New Orleans, LA, NASA was able to easily obtain our products. This project shows the versatility of Thern cranes and how one product can be adapted to various industries and applications. No matter the project, Thern equipment provides value to our end-users like NASA and assists their operators perform their job safely and efficiently. One big project for NASA and Thern, one giant leap for a Commander Series crane.

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