Meet the Thern Team – Nastasha Hanrehan

Nastasha Hanrehan has been on the Thern team for three years, working in Reception as Office Administrator.  She is the first point of contact for many Thern customers, answering initial questions and helping with any requests. In addition to managing the front desk of the office, Nastasha helps with organizing office events. She is appreciated for performing tasks from behind the scenes, helping her employees with whatever they might need.

Michelle Hermann, HR Generalist at Thern, describes Nastasha as “always willing to help any customer or Thern employee with questions, general inquiries, tasks, and projects. She frequently lends a helping hand, using her excellent customer service skills to procure any answers or information needed. She also plays a huge part in organizing and coordinating Thern events, ensuring events happen as planned and are a great time for everyone.”

Nastasha is without a doubt a wonderful addition to the company. Her knowledge and love of the community, both inside and out of Thern, makes her the ideal person to welcome customers and visitors into the company. A great representative for Thern, Nastasha helps anyone who calls or enters the lobby doors feel welcome.

When she first applied, Nastasha was impressed with the large amount of Thern employees that work at the company until retirement age. She believe it spoke volumes about Thern’s culture and core values – she thought they must treat their employees very well!

Nastasha enjoys the familiarity of Thern’s staff. As a result, this has allowed her to meet and know everyone as well as befriend her coworkers. She also appreciates that everybody is willing to help out one another, even outside of work. Thern is a close-knit community where everyone wants success for the company and each other. The team-based effort exemplified by employees inspires Nastasha.

Outside of work, Nastasha enjoys the beauty of Winona, her childhood home. She spends a lot of time with her family on the Mississippi river. When it’s not boating season, one can find Nastasha sitting by a campfire or attending a local sporting event.

Nastasha is a pillar of excellent customer service for Thern. Her dedication and hard work continuously drive the company to new levels of success. Thern is extremely lucky to have her as part of the team!

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