New Winch & Crane Wireless Remote Controls

Thern® electric winches and davit cranes save time, reduce operator fatigue, and enhance precision. Faster and more accurate lifting, lowering, pulling, and positioning equates to greater productivity, which is enhanced even further with a Thern control system. Thern control systems can be specifically engineered to match the needs of any application and all the demands that come with it. Our latest innovation includes new winch and crane wireless remote controls that have the same great features as our standard model but with a handful of new elements to enhance operation.

Innovation by Thern: Winch & Crane Wireless Remote Controls

new crane wireless remote controls

Wireless Single-Speed Electric Motor Controls

Thern controls go wireless! Innovation and creativity are important aspects of the culture at Thern. Our employees continue to think outside the box and pursue/accomplish challenges. The wireless single-speed electric motor controls provide all the same features as the standard version, except for pendant-related features.

  • It removes the limitations of a corded pendant’s operating position.
  • Is rechargeable.
  • A winch still has the capacity to be operated using the push buttons on the controller’s receiver if the wireless transmitter is lost.
  • The transmitter circuit board is epoxy-potted, making it watertight and vibration resistant.
  • The reversing contactor is electrically and mechanically interlocked to deliver smooth reversing control.

Every application is different, meaning that a custom solution could be the only answer. Using only high-quality UL recognized components and hardware, Thern will design and build a control system to meet the needs of your specific applications. With the wide variety of control options, the answer to your application is just a click away!

Thern’s Standard Electric Motor Controls

Single-Speed Electric Motor Controls

Our single-speed motors can provide a great solution to a variety of applications. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Steel enclosure is NEMA 4 rated to keep water and dirt out. This makes it a great option for outdoor applications.
  • Pendant control switch is NEMA 4x rated on up to a 50 ft cord, which allows the operator to stand away from the winch during operation.
  • A reversing contactor delivers smooth reversing control.
  • Thermal overload relay is included to interrupt power as a safety protection device.
  • This control includes a fused control circuit with a 115-volt 2-amp current to help protect against high-voltage shocks for safe operation.

Variable-Speed Electric Motor Controls

Additional options are available with the variable-speed electric motor controls. Some of these options include multiple axis, remote controls, mainline contact, disconnect switches, enclosure temperature controls, indicating lights, selector switches, horn and bells, meters, and limit switches. There are also other benefits for these specific controls, including

  • Frequencies greater than 50 Hz become possible in no-load to light-load conditions, which allows for a decrease in rigging time.
  • A digital display provides an accessible way to update drive status.
  • A programmable performance keypad is available to control acceleration and deceleration speed.
  • Watertight enclosures are available to accommodate outdoor applications.
  • The pendant control switch is watertight with infinitely variable-speed push buttons on up to a 50 ft cord. This allows for the user to stand further away from the winch during operation.

As always, Thern experts are always here to help you find the right equipment you need for your specific application. Whether you are looking for winch and crane wireless remote controls or standard electric controls, we can provide what you need to put your team in command of your operations. Connect with us today to get started!

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