Extreme Reliability for Extreme Conditions

Thern and Optimus Steel have formed a successful relationship working together over the past three years. Optimus Steel, located in Beaumont, Texas, is known for its manufacturing of high-quality Wire Rods, Coiled Rebar and Billets. They have used Thern’s 4WS Series Industrial Electric Winch as a part of their manufacturing process within their mill. Thern’s equipment continuously raises and lowers the furnace doors within the mill, without failure. Currently, Optimus Steel has 2 winches onsite and plans to purchase two more units for different applications within the steel mill. The process of lifting these furnace doors is done 24/7, lifting the 2,000 lbs. steel door with a very high level of precision and consistency. The door is moved in an upward motion by two winches located on the sides. With the exceptional precision of the equipment, Thern guarantees a tight seal of the door. The system has an integrated safety factor preventing the winches from over spooling and damaging the structure, also mitigating room for human error in the operation.

Optimus Steel strives for perfection in any work that they do, valuing Thern because of the exceptional quality of the equipment. As always, Thern’s equipment has been functioning to the customer specification, without exception and contributing to the manufacturing process of American products. During a visit by a Thern Representative, an Optimus Steel operator emphasized that the winches are extremely well built and since being installed, have presented no issues. Because of Thern’s reputation of reliability and responsiveness, Thern was Optimus Steel’s first and only option to take on this project.

Do you have a problem, but can’t figure out a solution? Thern will happily take on any challenging applications using standard or custom-made winches and products to solve your problem. Contact Thern today, let us take the weight off your shoulders.

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