Rent or Purchase a Reliable HVAC Crane for the Busy Maintenance Season

Does your team have plans to install or maintain rooftop HVAC systems this upcoming summer? Set your staff up for success and cut down on costs by renting or purchasing a reliable HVAC crane from Thern. We are pleased to offer several models with high capacities and long reach to streamline your critical operations.

Choosing the Right HVAC Crane for the Job

At Thern, we understand that rooftop-mounted HVAC equipment is subject to extreme conditions, from blazing heat and rain to sleet and snow. Placing these large air conditioning units, as well as providing maintenance and emergency repairs can require the use of a rooftop davit crane that can withstand the elements. In addition, large filters are common maintenance components, while breakdown/repair items may include motors, condensers, and fans, which can all be challenging to lift to the work site without the right equipment.


Thern - COMMANDER 2000

Our most popular HVAC crane line is our Commander® Series of portable davit cranes, which offer a range in capacity of 650 to 2,000 lbs. Providing optimal flexibility, these cranes can feature various bases that can be installed on the rooftop of a building or parapet wall, allowing for multiple pick points with a single crane. In addition, we offer manual or drill-drive winches if electrical connections are not readily available.


Thern - CAPTAIN 4000

If you require an HVAC crane for heavy-duty applications involving a longer reach or greater capacity, our Captain® Series of stationary cranes are available with impressive capacities up to 5,500 lbs. These durable cranes feature extended-length booms for maximum reach on larger loads and a new integral slewing drive that withstands large axial, radial, and moment loads while allowing 360 degrees of smooth and easy rotation.

HVAC Crane Case Studies

Thern Davit Crane

Thanks to C&C Cranes, Thern’s HVAC cranes can be seen on the sky line in Toronto, Canada. They are being used as a rooftop solution for lifting air exchanger units and other HVAC lifts onto buildings 15 stories or less. In the past, contractors had to use mobile cranes, often resulting in high cost, road closures, and more crew members to get the job done. With Thern’s davit cranes, they are able to place the crane on top of the building to lift the units. This cut costs significantly for the project and allowed for easy setup and tear down.

Rooftop Crane Training

For another project, a hospital in the Houston, Texas area was looking to ensure that their HVAC system was well maintained using efficient, reliable equipment and systems. However, the hospital facility is over four stories tall, and the equipment for the HVAC system, including tools, replacement parts, and new units must regularly be brought to the rooftop for maintenance. Bringing this equipment up via the stairwell access is impractical and presents workplace hazards.

The client relied on Thern’s 5FT25 Captain davit crane mounted atop the roof to provide a reliable way to transport equipment to the HVAC units at the hospital. The crane includes a 3WG4 electric winch that makes lifting loads to the top of the four-story building quick and effortless. This crane model has the ability to rotate 360 degrees to position a load once raised and may also be locked into place to provide superior load control. A supplied headache ball helps keep tension on the wire rope to prevent tangling, even when no load is present.

To better serve the facility, Thern’s own market manager for the region visited the location. While there, he held a training covering how to properly use and maintain the crane and winch. Thern’s equipment will help maintain a desirable and safe climate within the hospital facility for years to come.

If you are looking to book a crane rental or to purchase an HVAC crane for your upcoming short or long-term project, we have you covered. Leave the heavy lifting to us! Get in touch with one of our experts today to get started.

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