Solutions by Thern: Living Up to our Reputation

Thern was selected to provide a bulletproof hoisting and winch solution based on decades of rock-solid performance.

The Client:

New Century Plaza is a luxury condominium complex located adjacent to the famous Fox Studios. When completed, the location will not only be home to some of the biggest names in Hollywood, it will also be home to six custom lifting devices which incorporate Thern’s legendary winch and hoisting technology.

Webcor Builders, headquartered in San Francisco CA, is the construction manager for New Century Plaza. Faced with an architectural and mechanical challenge to complete the building’s curtain wall system,  Webcor Builders enlisted the help of Construction Applications & Consulting (CAC), of North Branch, MN., CAC, an experienced consultant with design/build experience solving complex curtainwall challenges leveraged a decades-long relationship with a Bend Punch Shear Inc, an equipment fabricator to develop and assemble the system.

The Challenge:

New Century Plaza needed hoisting units on their twin 45 story towers to complete their project and provide ongoing access for maintenance and repairs. The hoisting units developed by CAC and BPS had to be designed to be attached to existing building maintenance rails, allowing positioning of the exterior curtain wall panels from the 43rd through 45th floors with each panel weighing up to 2,000lbs.

Thern’s Solution:

Thern supplied six 3WG4 power winches as well as six single-speed electric motor controls to be mounted in conjunction with the 16-foot-tall, 3,800-pound customized hoisting systems. Thern Inc. was selected for this project based on the owner of CAC, Darryl Senne’s, decades of success using Thern products in demanding applications.  Regarding his prior experience with Thern products in terms of reliability and customer service support. Construction Applications and Consulting stated, “We chose a Thern winch because we have been using them since 1983 and have never had a failure. We aren’t afraid to spend a little more for the best because we are always happy in the end”.

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One month after installation, we were able to get some in action photos of our winch!

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