Product Spotlight: Liberty Capstan Winch

Thern prides itself on providing high quality, reliable and exceptional products to end-users. The Liberty Capstan Winch is no exception. The Thern Liberty Capstan Winch delivers strength and high performance in a portable machine. This winch lifts and lowers loads reaching up to 1000lbs. With its durable powder-coat finish and corrosion-resistant components, the Liberty Capstan will operate for many years. Handles on the motor and rope lock allow for the winch to be easily transferred to the desired location. With the quiet operation of this winch, team communication is enhanced and allows for an increase in productivity.

Watch below to learn more about the product overview of the Liberty Capstan Winch:

Before operating the winch, follow the inspection procedure located in the owner’s manual. To see the easy installation process of the Liberty Capstan watch the video below:

Thern’s Liberty Capstan Winch is a model of the uncompromised quality in every product. This engineered capstan winch incorporates standard features that deliver high-performance, quality and safety. Check out this video to see the seamless operation of the Liberty Capstan Winch:

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