A Simple Solution by Thern: Chumash Casino Resort Pump Station 

The Client:

PumpMan SoCal provides onsite maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment used in water and wastewater systems. They recently worked with Thern to provide a solution for a lifting challenge at the Chumash Casino Resort pump station.

The Challenge:

The Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Mission Indians owns a wastewater treatment plant and two pump stations. This system is maintained by Santa Ynez Community Services District and serves the Chumash Casino Resort and nearby residencies. Unfortunately, one of the pump stations had a history of maintenance issues. This troublesome pump station was the column sump chopper station which discharge to a manhole that flows into the treatment plant. This column sump pump was expensive and difficult to maintain. To maintain the pumps, ceiling tiles had to be removed to pull the pump out as the column pump shaft was longer than the station’s ceiling height allowed. When the pumps failed in 2019, the CSD’s Operations Supervisor saw an opportunity to replace them.

The Simple Solution by Thern:

PumpMan SoCal installed two new submersible chopper pumps on a guide rail system, thus eliminating the overhead access problem. When contemplating how they would lift the pumps, the advantages of a davit crane were obvious. A davit crane can be permanently installed and is easily accessible. It also minimizes the personnel required to pull a pump and the associated physical strain.

After extensive research, they purchased a Thern davit crane through LK Goodwin. They knew they made the right choice for their lifting challenge when a Thern representative stopped by to check in on the project.

This lifting challenge required a straightforward and simple lifting solution that Thern certainly delivered. A Thern davit crane is the ideal solution for accessing and maintaining equipment in a wastewater treatment plant. In addition to ease-of-use, a Thern davit crane is built with quality materials designed to last. Contact the Thern wastewater department today at [email protected]!

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