Marine Davit Cranes: From Big to Small, Thern Covers Them All

The Earth is 72% water, so of course, Thern davit cranes get their hooks wet now and then. When you think of a marine davit crane, it’s common to imagine the behemoth heavy-lift marine cranes that envelope an entire vessel. Thern may not manufacture these giant cranes, but a Thern davit crane is just as heavy-duty, only on a smaller scale. Here are three examples of Thern davit cranes solving a variety of lifting problems within the marine world.

Marine Davit Crane: 2,000-Pound Solution

marine davit crane

4ocean is an organization that is cleaning up our oceans. Every 4ocean product purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from oceans, rivers, and coastlines. They contacted Thern when they were looking for a solution that would make their cleanup efforts easier. 4ocean needed a way to move giant bags of plastic off small boats and onto a larger ship that would then bring the plastic to shore to be recycled. They needed a lifting solution that would reliably perform in the harsh offshore operating conditions. Two Thern Captain® Series 2,200-pound capacity davit cranes were the perfect solution. The Captain series guaranteed the crew 360 degrees of rotation, adjustable height and reach, and smooth load control with the help of a Thern electric winch. The cranes were even finished with an epoxy offshore yellow to suit the application.

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Marine Davit Crane: 1,000-Pound Solution

marine davit cranes from Thern

DESMI is one of the oldest companies in Denmark. They provide pumping solutions and cleanup systems throughout the world and in a variety of industries. In the marine industry, DESMI solutions are used for oil spill cleanup. Oil skimmers are used to recover oil from the water. They are heavy, smeared in oil, and difficult to handle due to the constant movement of the sea. The deployment and recovery of this equipment require safe handling. Enter the Thern Commander® Series Davit Crane! The Thern Commander provided the perfect combination of portability and power to safely maneuver the oil skimmer. And with its sleek grey epoxy finish, the Commander crane was designed to provide protection against the harsh marine environment.

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Marine Davit Crane: 850-Pound Solution

marine davit crane 850 pound solution

When a passionate kayaker purchased a brand-new Hobie two-person kayak, he knew he wanted to preserve it. Dismantling the kayak after each use was not the solution. It was a tedious task and a waste of time. The preferred solution to reducing wear on the kayak required lifting it out of the salty seawater. Hanes Supply suggested a Thern Davit Crane. The kayaker was directed to a Thern Stainless-Steel First Mate® Davit Crane. Once the First Mate was mounted to his dock, he was able to lift the kayak effortlessly out of the water. Not only will his kayak have a long life, but so should his First Mate Davit Crane by Thern. These lower lifting-capacity cranes may be small, but they are heavy-duty and built to last. With its corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel finish, this marine davit crane will be lifting this kayak far into the future.

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Lifting Solutions For All

Whether it’s helping a water sports enthusiast or keeping the oceans clean, from big to small, Thern covers them all. Thern marine davit cranes are versatile lifting tools used in a variety of aquatic settings all around the globe. The flexibility, portability, and sustainability of Thern davit cranes make them the best solution in any setting.

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