Heavy Lifting of Wastewater Treatment Plant Equipment Made Easy with Thern

Thern, Inc. is the reliable name in lifting, pulling, and positioning equipment involved in municipal and industrial water treatment processes. Wastewater treatment systems around the world rely on Thern products to continue critical operations. Among the most common applications of Thern products include pump and mixer lifts. Thern winches and cranes allow wastewater treatment plant equipment to be raised from its working position for regular maintenance and repairs.

Keep looking in any wastewater treatment plant, however, and you may find Thern doing the heavy lifting of many kinds of wastewater treatment plant equipment.

Solutions to Move & Maintain Wastewater Treatment Plant Equipment

Sludge Cart and Dumpster Positioning Systems

Thern winches eliminate the need for extra equipment and time when loading and unloading sludge carts and dumpsters. Use one heavy-duty electric winch and Thern’s precise positioning controls to move a receptacle two directions. This allows for sludge carts and dumpsters to be moved slowly during loading, then positioned for easy pick up and emptying. Once empty, use the same system to position the cart or dumpster at the starting location, ready to be evenly loaded again.

Through the use of a few simple pieces of rigging equipment and Thern’s variable-speed, programmable controls, the loading and unloading process of sludge carts and dumpsters no longer requires extra equipment and time to reposition the receptacle at any stage of the process. Allow the preprogrammed controls to operate the winch to multiple set positions at a simple press of a button.

When floor space is at a premium, Thern winches have valuable versatility. The winches may be mounted on the wall or even ceiling, reducing system footprint.


Portable Electric Winches

3WG4 Atlas Series Winches at Thern

 Long lifts and heavy wastewater treatment equipment provide a unique challenge that Thern can supply solutions for. The 4WP2 Atlas and 3WG4 Atlas II portable electric winches provide the perfect combination of lifting power, drum capacity, and flexibility. Plant operators may mount one of Thern’s portable electric winches to a Thern davit crane and begin lifting or lowering some of the heaviest wastewater treatment plant equipment into and out of long-lift situations.

Thern’s 4WP2 Atlas portable electric winch has a load rating of 2,000 pounds (907 kilograms), line speed of up to 97 feet per minute (29 meters per minute), and drum capacity of up to 280 feet (85 meters) of wire rope. If your situation requires even more power, the 3WG4 Atlas II boasts a load rating of 4,000 pounds (1,817 kilograms), line speed of up to 28 feet per minute (8 meters per minute), and a drum capacity of up to 300 feet (91 meters). Both Thern Atlas portable electric winches are excellent options for reliably lifting wastewater treatment plant equipment.


Rely on Thern to do Your Heavy Lifting

There is a reason Thern has made a name for itself as a reliable solution for lifting, pulling, and positioning wastewater treatment plant equipment around the world. When looking for effective ways to lift equipment, Thern davit cranes and hand winches offer cost-effective, dependable options. Pair a winch and portable davit crane with multiple crane bases to lift pumps, mixers, UV panels, and any other component of a wastewater treatment system.

When your needs move beyond what a hand winch and portable davit crane offer, Thern can continue to provide solutions. Heavy-duty electric winches, portable electric winches, and custom controls are just a small example of what Thern can provide for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

Contact Thern today and leave your heavy lifting to us.

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