Innovation Corner: The Latest Products from Thern

Winch and Crane manufacturing is an ever-evolving field, constantly mixing in new iterations and innovations to create exciting new possibilities for today’s essential industries to complete jobs that keep the world in action.

The big question? Which products demand the innovation, enhancements, and engineering expertise to ensure they will embrace the industry’s next endeavors.

Find the answer by taking a closer look at these items, produced by Thern in the last 18 months.

5PT5 Commander Series:

Thern’s most popular line of portable davit cranes is now offered in a lighter model. With load ratings of up to 650 lbs. and various options and accessories, the Commander 500 is the perfect answer for smaller load applications.  Some key characteristics of this model are:

  • Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic operation
  • Rotates 360°
  • Quick- Disconnect Anchor
  • Available in 5 finishes
  • Easy Assembly

5FT20 and 5FT25 Captain Series:

The Captain Series stationary davit crane is designed for a smooth rotation with an extended height and reach. These two new crane models have a capacity of up to 2000 lb. and can be configured with a manual or power winch. A tapered roller bearing allows for a smooth 360° crane rotation under load. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, the Captain Series limits deflection and meets ASTM Standards.

5FT40 Captain Series

This crane is the newest addition to our Thern products. With a massive lifting power of up to 5,500 pounds, this stationary crane is equipped for the heaviest loads. The Captain® 4000 has a new integral slewing drive that allows for 360 degrees of smooth and easy rotation. With features of an extended reach of 10 feet as well as a maximum hook height of 12 feet, this crane is perfect for many various applications.

Swivel Mount Capstan

Thern’s Liberty Capstan winch provides high quality, reliable and exceptional operation to end-users. This winch delivers strength and high performance in a portable machine with the capacity to lift and lower up to 1000 lbs. Handles on the motor and rope lock allow for the winch to easily be transported to an anticipated location. The Liberty Capstan winch has a quiet operation which allows for team communication to be enhanced and productivity to increase!

Vertical Lead Block

Our final new product to share is The Redline Block Series. This series is used to change the direction of a rope, allowing a winch to be mounted in a more convenient location. Thern’s new Vertical Lead Block uses cable keepers on the top and sides of the sheave to guide the path of the rope. This will avoid obstacles, reduce hazards, and improve rope wear over time. The blocks have a durable powder coat finish that provides corrosion resistance for any harsh environment.

With durable, reliable, and innovative products like these, Thern can provide a solution to endless customer applications. If you have a problem and are looking for an exceptional solution contact Thern today!

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