When & Where Should You Use an Air Winch?

From mining and oil/gas to construction and marine industries, air winches serve as the ideal solution for pulling and lifting heavy loads in hazardous or explosive environments. This is because these winches are powered by compressed air and don’t produce sparks or heat, which enhances overall safety on the worksite. Thern is pleased to offer various air winch series that are built tough to meet the demands of your specific applications.

Air Winch Definition & Advantages

An air winch is a pulling and lifting device powered by compressed air channeled into a pneumatic motor. In contrast, electric winches utilize electricity as a principal power source. Air winches have features and characteristics that provide distinct advantages. Key benefits include:

  • Offering significant lifting force without consuming a lot of electricity
  • Being utilized in many remote regions where three-phase electricity is not available
  • Moving heavy goods efficiently and rapidly from one area to another
  • Having a spark-resistant pneumatic motor for lifting, lowering, or placing items in harsh environments

Air Winch Applications

Air winches are commonly used in numerous industries for various applications. They can be used on a construction site to move materials and equipment, in a mine to extract minerals, for oil/gas drilling operations, and in facilities where chemicals and fertilizers are produced or handled. Air winches are perfect for applications where flammable or explosive environments are a concern. This type of winch is also commonly used in maritime applications for mooring and positioning ships.

Air Winches by Thern

What makes Thern air winches different from the competition? We offer customizable configurations and an industry-leading 37,000 lb max rating for streamlined and superior performance.

The Thern Big Red Series is our most popular line of air winches because of “its long-standing history as an American-made winch of the highest quality with a wide range of capacities available,” noted Industrial Market Manager Jason Coover. With a load rating of up to 37,000 lbs, lift, lower, pull, or position your heavy loads with ease. Numerous options and accessories allow for customization to meet your specific needs at off-the-shelf lead times. A heavy-duty radial piston motor and multiple control/brake configurations make these winches ideal for the most demanding environments.

mini ta series air winch

Thern’s small but powerful Mini TA Series offers a load capacity of up to 2,700 lbs. Compact envelopes and variable-speed operation make lifting, moving, and positioning materials fast and easy. With these air winches, you can count on smooth control for precise spotting and long lifts.

Designed in accordance with DNV standards, Thern’s C Series air winches feature innovations that make them faster, lighter, safer, more versatile, and more corrosion-resistant than ever before. These winches offer a load rating of up to 22,000 lbs and are designed for harsh offshore environments. Numerous pre-designed options and accessories allow for quick turnaround of orders. Specify the CE Package you need to meet European Union requirements.

No matter your application or industry, our experts at Thern are here to help! With a comprehensive range of air winches, the answer to your lifting, pulling, and positioning needs is just a message or phone call away.

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