Meet the Thern Team- Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy Anderson is a Mechanical Engineer who has been crucial to the Thern team for almost 13 years. In July 2007 Jeremy decided to join Thern because of the robust and mechanical nature of the products, taking pride in the products Thern designs and manufactures. Jeremy also enjoys working for a smaller, family-owned company, making Thern the right choice for him!

Jeremy is excited to come into work every day because of the opportunity to develop and refine details of new designs. He enjoys the process of creating a product from start to finish, finding ways to add strength and save material. In all his years of working at Thern, the thing that surprised him most was that every product, complex or basic, receives the same thoughtful attention and effort by a team of people before reaching a customer. Thern values employees like Jeremy who work so hard on every product manufactured and sold so we can give consistent quality to the customer no matter the project. When asked to describe Thern, Jeremy thinks of three words: capable, flexible, and respectable.

Outside of work Jeremy can be found working on and racing cars, currently on his 6th car since starting at Thern. He races against both national and local competition so if you happen to be in the area, he often provides a ride to curious passengers! Jeremy also enjoys the scenic surroundings of Winona and the depth of arts and culture available in such a small town.

Thank you, Jeremy, for the depth of your knowledge and the sharing of your expertise these past 13 years, we are so thankful to have you as a part of our team!

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