Original Equipment Manufacturer: AGE Logistics

Sky High with Skyhook by AGE Logistics

AGE Logistics Corporation is an original equipment manufacturer that Thern, Inc. has been doing business with for over a decade. Read more to learn about how Thern and AGE work together to supply high-quality equipment to the United States Air Force.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer:

Similarly to Thern, Inc., AGE Logistics Corporation is a family-owned, small business. Located in Southern California, AGE Logistics design and manufacture lifting and hoisting equipment for use in the aerospace industry. They offer groundbreaking solutions to meet the demand for transportable and deployable equipment for aircraft maintenance and recovery.

The Problem:

AGE Logistics reached out to Thern when they were looking for a compatible winch to complete their Skyhook utility crane. The Skyhook is a multi-aircraft maintenance crane designed and built for the United States Air Force.  With its innovative design, this unit is transportable, easily maneuverable, self-contained, and low-maintenance. In short, AGE Logistics were looking for a winch that would meet these same standards.


A Solution by Thern:

Thern engineers worked closely with AGE Logistics to design and manufacture a custom hand winch for the Skyhook. Consequently, this collaboration produced a unique manual, dual-speed spur gear winch with automatic braking.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Thern and AGE Logistics has resulted in a long term working relationship between supplier and original equipment manufacturer. Jim Sameth, President at AGE Logistics Corporation, says that “It’s been a great pleasure working with Jay Atienza, Mike Waldherr, Jeff Wilkowski, Beau Pasche and others at Thern over the last 10 years. I look forward to continuing our relationship in the years to come.”


If you need a lifting/pulling component for your product offering, please contact a Thern sales representative today!

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