Beating the Summer Heat with the Help of a Thern Rooftop Crane

Maintaining a desirable climate indoors is vital to the operation of an office, store, warehouse, manufacturing facility or especially a hospital. A rooftop crane from Thern can help reliably accomplish this critical, everyday task.

The Client:

A hospital in the Houston, Texas area looking to ensure that their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is well maintained using efficient, reliable equipment and systems.

The Challenge:

The hospital facility is over four stories tall. Equipment for the HVAC system including tools, replacement parts, and new units must regularly be brought to the rooftop for maintenance. Bringing this equipment up via the stairwell access is unpractical and presents work-place hazards.

The Solution:

Thern’s 5FT25 Captain davit crane mounted atop the roof provides a reliable way to transport equipment to the HVAC units at the hospital. The crane includes a 3WG4 electric winch that makes lifting loads to the top of the four-story building quick and nearly effortless.

The 5FT25 Captain crane has the ability to rotate 360 degrees to position a load once raised. The crane may also be locked into place to provide superior load control. A supplied headache ball helps prevent potential damage to the equipment or load.

To better serve the facility, Thern’s own market manager for the region visited the location. While there, he held a training covering how to properly use and maintain the crane and winch. Thern’s equipment will help reliably produce a desirable and safe climate within the hospital facility.

Rooftop Crane Training

Prepare for regular HVAC maintenance and other needs by installing a rooftop crane from Thern Incorporated today. Contact a sales representative to discuss your options.

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