Heavy-Duty Industrial Winches for Pulling Sludge Carts & Dumpsters

Water/wastewater treatment plants provide crucial services to help protect people and local ecosystems from harmful elements found in wastewater. For decades, Thern has served as a reliable source for lifting, pulling, and positioning equipment involved in municipal and industrial water treatment processes. One common use for our heavy-duty industrial winches at these facilities is to help efficiently load and unload sludge carts and dumpsters.

How Thern’s Industrial Winches Can Streamline Your Water/Wastewater Operations 

Thern’s industrial winches can eliminate the need for extra equipment and save users valuable time when loading and unloading sludge carts and dumpsters. For example, by using a single electric power winch from our 4WS or 4HPF Series paired with a variable-speed control system, it’s possible to move a receptacle in one or multiple directions. 

The 4WS Series electric winches have up to 26,000 lb. load capacity and feature dual-stage gear reduction for economical handling of heavy loads. The combination of helical/worm and spur gearing makes these industrial winches perfect for applications requiring secure load control and accurate positioning. 

The 4HPF Series electric winches have up to 25,000 lb. load capacity and feature helical/parallel, high-efficiency gearing. Both winch options are ideal for pulling and positioning sludge carts and dumpsters. 

We are pleased to offer pre-programmed controls that allow you to operate your winch at exact speeds for multiple set positions at the simple press of a button. This feature allows sludge carts and dumpsters to be moved slowly during loading and then quickly positioned for easy pickup and emptying. Once removed, you can use the same system to set the new cart or dumpster at the starting location to be loaded again.

Thern’s industrial winches provide optimal versatility when floor space is at a premium. Your treatment plant may need to mount a winch to the wall, ceiling, or floor based on the design of the building, space constraints, etc. If reducing the system footprint is your goal, you can count on Thern for a complete solution. 

Another common application of Thern products includes lifting and lowering pumps, mixers, and UV panels. Our portable electric winches and davit cranes allow heavy wastewater treatment equipment to be raised from its working position for regular maintenance and repairs. The 4WP2 Atlas and 3WG4 Atlas II portable electric winches provide the perfect combination of lifting power, drum capacity, and flexibility. Portable davit cranes are easily transported and quickly set up at lift stations; however, if your site requires a longer reach, a stationary davit crane is a better choice.

Our Water/Wastewater Market Director, Amy R. Oesau, noted, “Thern offers an ideal solution based on the customer’s requirements. We do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. We want to understand the application to recommend the best equipment.” 

An Industrial Winch Water/Wastewater Case Study

Minnesota’s Elk River Wastewater Treatment Plant processes 1.3 million gallons of wastewater daily. One of the byproducts of the process is heavy sludge, which must be collected in heavy containers and later transported for proper disposal. The client contacted Thern for a solution to position extremely heavy steel carts to optimize the uniform loading of wastewater sludge via a load-out chute. 

As a result, we provided the wastewater plant with an electric-powered 4WS Series winch. The chosen 4WS wall-mounted model can accurately position and secure large sludge loads weighing up to 3,700 lbs. Loading the steel carts is now more efficient and effective, reducing time and labor. The plant also uses a Thern 5PT10 davit crane with a hand winch and has an electric winch mounted on a 5PT20 davit crane to lift pumps and mixers from the wastewater tanks.

Whether you are searching for a high-quality industrial winch, davit crane, and/or custom controls for your water/wastewater treatment facility, Thern has you covered. We’re here to help, so get in touch with us today to get a conversation started!

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