Versatile Industrial Winches for Every Application

Thern® winches are found lifting, pulling, and positioning loads in a wide variety of industrial environments such as:

Whatever the application, Thern industrial winches make the job more efficient. Manufactured with experience, a high-quality industrial winch by Thern provides durability, reliability, and a safer environment to get the job done.

Four Types of Industrial Winches

Electric Winches

A Thern electric winch provides power and precision on any work site. Thern electric winches can lift, pull, or position loads weighing up to 100,000 pounds. These winches are reliable, efficient, and can be sized to match any application with an available electrical power source. A Thern electric winch features quiet operation, ensuring clear communication on the worksite. An end-user can secure load control, reduce maintenance, position accurately, and run a dependable operation with features like welded steel drums, flange-style roller bearings, extended solid steel drum shafts, and more. Electric winches may be customized according to the needs of the application, just be sure to ask a sales rep at Thern for direction.

The electric industrial winch can be found in any industry. For example, a Thern electric winch with a 19,800-pound load capacity assists in the big business of bulk handling. Or, in preparation for the holiday season, look at the mounted power winch that lowers the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop at Times Square.

Portable Electric Winches

Portable electric winches by Thern move loads up to 4,600 pounds. These lightweight electric winches are constructed of cast aluminum and designed to deliver the muscle whenever, wherever. They offer many of the same features as Thern’s other electric winches but in a portable package. Due to their transportability, these industrial winches are used across the board. Thern recently released the Thern Liberty® Series capstan winch. The Liberty is the definition of portability and convenience!

The construction of the New Century Plaza provides a great example of how Thern portable electric winches are used within the construction industry.

Mounted to a Thern davit crane, see how a portable electric winch is making a difference in the industry of wind energy.

Air Winches

A Thern air winch is powered by a pneumatic motor. This means the power of an air winch is supplied by compressed air channeled into the motor. Benefits of an air winch include less electric consumption and utilization in remote areas where three-phase electricity isn’t available. Most importantly, the pneumatic motor makes these industrial winches inherently spark-resistant. They are an excellent choice for a harsh or explosive environment.

Thern air winches are a great solution for unique industrial applications. From the marine industry to the construction industry, a Thern air industrial winch ensures a successful work environment.

Hand Winches

If the job requires the need to lift, lower, or position a heavy load more quickly, a dependable Thern hand winch will ensure success. Thern offers hand winches that maneuver loads up to 10,000 pounds. These manual, heavy-duty, portable winches can complete any job quickly and efficiently. Like other Thern industrial winches, they are built to perform better and last longer.

Found in essentially every industry, manual winches are some of Thern’s most popular products. A more unique application is the Thern hand winch operating a climbing wall.

A Thern industrial winch is the lifting solution to any industry’s lifting challenge. No matter the application, Thern moves it all, from big to small. Contact a Thern sales representative to get a quote on an industrial winch today!

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