Thern® Barge Positioning System: Power Meets Precision

Thern® Barge Positioning System in Uruguay

Power meets precision with Thern’s custom-built barge positioning systems. Thern designs and builds winch systems to assist with the positioning and loading of barges at terminals along commercial shipping lanes around the world. These photos feature a barge positioning system in Uruguay!

Thern employs heavy-duty steel framed electric winches that work together to precisely move barges at a smooth and controlled rate. How does this work? Simply put, the opposing winches’ cables are attached to a barge. The operator then moves the barges in the desired direction by controlling the winches with a control panel; one winch pays out cable while the other hauls in the cable. While the barge is being moved, one of the winches automatically maintains tension to keep the cable taut. Because tension is kept on the rope, the barge is easily stopped at the desired position. With the sophisticated technology of the control panel, barge motions are easily performed with confidence.


Thern® Barge Positioning System Winch


The control panel for this system features an ergonomic joystick design.  The motions of the joystick control direction and speed of the barge. The system provides three different modes for various situations.

  1. Auto mode is used as described above to move the barge or barges. A single joystick controls both winches.
  2. Manual mode is used to operate either winch of the system, one at a time.
  3. Rigging mode is available for high-speed system transfers, this mode would not be used when connected to a barge.

Workplace safety is enhanced as the dual variable frequency drive motor drives constantly monitor the motor loads, and automatically limit pull force or rope back tension force. This load sensing feature factors in potential water currents and subsequent barge drift to relieve stress while maintaining precise control of the barge.

This is just one of many examples of how Thern Electric Winches are used to move barges! Barge control system designs often vary as they depend on the distinctive features of the waterway sites and a customers’ unique process requirements. You can count on Thern to customize a system according to the needs of the environment and customer. Contact your sales representative at Thern for a barge positioning system today!

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