Zero Lost Time for 2020 at Thern

Thern employees continue to impress! As Thern continues to grow in many positive ways, the safety record is no exception, improving just the same.

Employees that Care

At Thern, employees care about the safety of themselves and others. Zero lost time was a company goal for 2020 and continues to be a goal going forward. Many factors contribute to success, but the key is the great employees, who are smart and safe. With numerous safety practices in place and the continued search for improvements, Thern is able to exceed regulations and expectations.

What’s New in Safety?

From a safety standpoint, a few things stood out in 2020. One is a new hearing conservation program for affected areas. Thern also had an OSHA grant project completed with a new dual smoke extractor for a high-volume small crane cell, and a general awareness active intruder training provided by the Winona police department. With many unknowns due to the ongoing pandemic this past year, the leadership team took many steps to ensure the safety of their employees.  With the help of everyone, Thern was able to implement nearly 80 safety improvements in the year 2020.

A Positive Safety Culture

The continuous improvement initiatives are a great way to continue to reduce risk and improve work safety. With a positive safety culture, it is easy to feel confident in our employees. An ergonomics program was being trialed and developed throughout 2020. This is and will be another piece of the safety puzzle going forward.  Safety Manager Chris Collins states, “We had countless curve balls thrown at us this past year, but we pulled through and worked together to have a successful year. This caused a better appreciation of what Thern is and we look forward to see what the future will bring.”

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