Solutions by Thern: CE Winches at a Wastewater Treatment Plant in Northern Germany

Providing CE Rated Lifting Solutions in Europe.

Thern is a well-respected equipment manufacturer in the water/wastewater industry in the United States and around the world. A common, reliable, CE rated solution was recently found for a wastewater treatment plant in Germany.

The Client:

A wastewater treatment plant located in Krummhoeren, Germany, found themselves challenged with a lifting situation that required a tailored solution. They reached out to Thern Europe to solve this challenge.

The Challenge:

The client was interested in finding a cost-effective lifting solution to the many mixers and pumps located around the treatment plant.

Thern’s Solution: A Variety of Portable Davit Cranes and Winches

Thern worked with an engineering firm to specify a variety of Thern portable davit cranes and CE rated electric winches to lift necessary equipment.

Commander 2000 and First Mate davit cranes with 230-1-50 voltage winches were specified to raise and lower the pumps and mixers housed in the wastewater treatment plant. They even specified a First Mate with a Thern spur gear hand winch to lower and lift some of the smaller loads at the plant. These Thern portable davit cranes and winches were specified alongside the larger, stationary davit cranes manufactured by a pump supplier.

By equipping the site with a variety of cranes, the client was able to save on the cost of lifting equipment. Multiple bases per Thern portable davit helped to compensate for the inflexibility of the stationary davit cranes. Users can transport the Thern davit crane and winch from one mixer or pump to the next with ease and without the requirement of any tools. Each crane is coated with a galvanized finish, ensuring a greater resistance against corrosion in the harsh environment.

The addition of Thern davit crane accessories were key to the success of this project. Each davit crane is equipped with a wire-rope assembly, stored in a cable spool, that remains attached to the pumps and mixers. This accessory keeps tension on the line and allows the user to quickly anchor the wire-rope to the power winch to lift the equipment. These accessories improve the ease of operation within the plant and reduce operational time when lifting the pumps, mixers or any other load.

The operators of the davit cranes are extremely satisfied! They enjoy the simplicity of the power winches and the portability of the equipment. The Thern products were praised so much that they are considering more Thern cranes to replace the stationary, heavy weight, pump manufacturer supplied cranes:

“We will use Thern Portable Davit Cranes and the existing power winches more often; we have additional requirement coming up in 2022 and will for sure get more Thern Portable Davits. We are planning on using the already supplied power winches that can be taken from one crane to the next due to the fixation on the mounting bracketBy adding a Thern Davit and using the already supplied power winches we can keep our cost down and lower and lift pumps in the most efficient and user-friendly way.”


Operate your wastewater treatment plant with the ease Thern portable davit cranes and CE rated electric winches provide! Contact a sales representative near you today!

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