Best Davit Cranes for Offshore Wind Projects

As the switch to clean energy becomes more crucial than ever, Thern® is ready to meet that need head-on with its top-quality lifting solutions! Although there are many forms of renewable energy, generating power through wind is growing in popularity, which increases the demand for reliable equipment to install and maintain the turbines. Keep reading to learn more about Thern’s davit cranes for offshore wind farms.

What is an Offshore Wind Project?

An offshore wind project refers to a wind farm that is built in a marine environment. Also referred to as wind power stations or wind power plants, these farms of wind turbines produce electricity. Europe is currently the world leader in offshore wind energy. It’s been argued that placing these huge wind turbines offshore is the better option than constructing them onshore. When placed offshore, wind turbines are less obtrusive to the landscape. Also, the average wind speed can be considerably higher when it blows across open water.

Installation and maintenance of wind turbines in a marine environment bring its own set of challenges. That’s where Thern comes in! Here’s how Thern davit cranes are making waves in the offshore wind industry.

Two Types of Thern Davit Cranes for Offshore Wind Projects

Small and Portable Offshore Davit Cranes

The Thern Commander® 2000 and other portable davit cranes are an ideal solution for lifting tools, parts, and more on-site at offshore wind turbines. In the past, companies that install offshore wind farms have used the Thern Commander 2000. The crane is installed at the bottom of the transition piece to lift equipment and tools. These portable cranes make transport within the house of the turbine easier thanks to their smaller size and weight. An epoxy finish provides protection against the harsh marine environment of the offshore wind farm.

Thern - COMMANDER 2000

Stationary Offshore Davit Cranes

Small and portable davit cranes play an important role in providing a lifting solution on a wind farm, but so do Thern’s larger cranes like the Captain® 4000. As wind turbines continue to grow in size, so do their components. The Captain 4000 is ready for the challenge! Specifically designed for permanent installation, this davit crane can handle heavy loads up to 5,500 pounds. As loads size up, maneuvering them becomes a difficult and possibly hazardous chore. The smooth 360º rotation of the Captain provides a solution to lift and rotate these larger loads. Like its smaller counterpart, the Captain is available in corrosion-resistant finishes fit for a marine environment.

Thern - CAPTAIN 4000


As the world continues to evolve, Thern will be there to provide top-quality lifting solutions, including davit cranes for offshore wind farms. Get a quote on your renewable energy project today!

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