Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes: Ensuring Worker Safety – from Lifting Materials to Lifting Lives 

Imagine this: a tense situation unfolds at a construction site. A worker is injured and trapped in a confined space. Every second counts. This is where Thern Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes transform from Lifting Materials to Lifting Lives. 

For over 75 years, Thern davit cranes have been a mainstay in various industries, from construction and mining to water/wastewater and manufacturing. We’re known for our durability, reliability, and versatility – faithfully lifting, lowering, and positioning essential equipment. 

Here at Thern, we understand that sometimes, the stakes are even higher. That’s why we’ve proudly developed our Rescue-Rated Series of Davit Cranes, specifically designed to excel in emergencies like personnel rescue. 

Peace of Mind You Can’t Put a Price On 

Our story doesn’t begin with a rescue but with a commitment to your safety. We saw a gap in the market where existing cranes weren’t suitable for the challenges of emergency rescue. We wanted to create a solution that could seamlessly transition from routine material handling to lifesaving operations. 

The result? Our 5PT10 and 5PT20 portable Davit cranes are now available in Rescue-Rated configurations. These heroes retain the same quality standards and material-handling benefits of our trusted Commander® Series, with the added capability of being added to a site rescue plan to ensure the safety and well-being of personnel. 

Dual Functionality: The Power of Two in One Crane 

Imagine a world where your existing lifting equipment can transform into a critical rescue tool. That’s the power of the Thern Rescue-Rated Davit Crane. It offers a unique dual functionality, providing: 

  • Trusted Material Handling: The crane excels at its core function – efficiently lifting, lowering, and positioning essential equipment. 
  • Emergency Rescue Capability: In an emergency, the crane seamlessly transforms into a certified rescue system, ready to assist in lifting or lowering personnel from heights, confined spaces, or other hazardous situations. 

Prepared for Any Challenge: Safety You Can Trust 

An emergency doesn’t wait for ideal conditions. That’s why Thern’s Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes prioritize unwavering safety and compliance. 

  • Complete Compliance: We understand that in emergencies, every second counts. Our cranes are pre-configured to meet the stringent standards of ANSI/OSHA and ANSI Z359.1, so you can be confident you have the right OSHA-compliant rescue equipment. 
  • Essential Components: Each configuration includes a manually operated worm gear hand winch, ¼” wire rope, and an ANSI-rated carabiner. These meticulously selected and tested components are designed to safely recover individuals from heights, depths, and confined spaces. 

A Solution Tailored to Your Needs: Multiple Options for Various Workplaces 

We know that every workplace has unique needs. That’s why our Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes offer: 

  • Multiple Base Options: Pedestal, flush, or wall-mount configurations provide the flexibility to meet various mounting needs. 
  • Stainless Steel Options: We offer corrosion-resistant stainless-steel cranes and bases for harsh environments, ensuring optimal performance in any condition. 
  • Lifting Capacity:  
    • 5PT10R: Rated to rescue one person up to 310 lbs (total weight inclusive of harness and other rescue gear). 
    • 5PT20R: Rated to rescue up to two people (assisted rescue), up to 620 lbs. 

The Power of a Complete Rescue System: More Than Just a Crane 

Thern’s Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes are not a solo act. They are a vital component of a comprehensive rescue system. By integrating seamlessly with existing equipment, they empower rescuers to navigate challenging environments confidently and efficiently. 

Who’s the Rescue-Rated Crane For? 

The Thern Rescue-Rated Davit Crane system is ideal for a variety of workplaces that need material handling solutions as well as OSHA-required site rescue plans: 

  • Construction Sites: Where falls into a confined space are a potential risk. 
  • Manufacturing Facilities: For rescuing personnel from machinery or confined spaces. 
  • Oil & Gas Industry: For offshore platforms and other hazardous environments. 
  • Emergency Response Teams: Fire departments, search and rescue teams, and hazmat units can all benefit from the versatility and compliance of Thern’s Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes. 

“Thern’s Rescue Rated Davit Crane has been a valuable tool added to our toolbox. Not only can we safely haul a patient out of the water in a Stokes basket, but we also have an option to quickly get a diver out of the water in an emergency. This crane is solid and reliable, which is exactly what we need in life-and-death rescue operations.”

– Mitchel A., Winona County Dive/Rescue Team Lead 

Even if you already own a 5PT10 or 5PT20 you can still upgrade it to a rescue-rated crane with the correct kit! Thern offers conversion kits that include all the essential components needed to transform your existing Davit crane into a certified rescue system. This cost-effective solution allows you to leverage your existing investment while gaining the lifesaving capabilities of a Rescue-Rated Davit Crane. 

Conclusion: Be Rescue-Ready

Don’t wait for an emergency to strike. Contact Thern today and learn how our Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes can elevate your rescue capabilities and potentially save lives. We offer a variety of configurations and conversion kits that can help you design a complete rescue system to meet your team’s specific needs. 


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