OEM Equipment: Grasshopper Industries

Top Notch Solutions for Grasshopper Industries

Grasshopper Industries is one of the important companies that Thern supplies OEM equipment to. An innovator in the rock-climbing industry, Grasshopper has created an adjustable climbing wall. This wall allows climbers to train in small spaces. Grasshopper turned to Thern to supply a winch that could adjust the hanging climbing wall.

Thern provided an electric winch to raise and lower the wall in to the perfect position for the climber to practice on the wall.

OEM Equipment


Here is some insight in to the relationship between Thern and Grasshopper from Boone Speed, Owner and Founder at Grasshopper Adjustable Climbing Walls.

“I’m Boone Speed from Grasshopper, and just want to talk about how psyched we are; we worked with Thern to make this hoist work with the Dynima line that we use. It’s stronger and more static than steel. It’s quiet, it’s smooth and it’s the best way to adjust the hanging version of our adjustable climbing walls.”


Thern looks forward to the continued partnership with Grasshopper. For more information about Grasshopper and Thern’s solution to their specific lifting problem, click here. If you are looking for OEM equipment, contact a Thern sales representative today!

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