Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes for Emergency Situations

Durable. Reliable. Versatile. Three words that describe Thern davit cranes. With 75 years in business, you can count on our equipment to perform in crucial industries, from water/wastewater and manufacturing to construction and mining. The applications are virtually limitless. Continuing our commitment to innovation, we are pleased to introduce our new Rescue-Rated Series of davit cranes specifically designed to excel in the personnel rescue arena.

Introducing Thern’s Rescue-Rated Series of Davit Cranes

Every single day at job sites around the world, you can find our equipment lifting, lowering, and positioning everything from water/wastewater pumps and UV panels to building materials and HVAC systems. Retaining the same quality standards and material-handling benefits as our trusted Commander® Series, Thern’s 5PT10 and 5PT20 portable davit cranes now offer configurations as part of our new Rescue-Rated Series to help ensure the safety and well-being of individuals in critical rescue operations.

Compliance with ANSI/OSHA Standards for Uncompromised Safety

In emergencies, cranes can be a tremendous asset to rescuers. However, not all cranes are created equally nor are they suitable for this application. Thern’s product allows one device to handle routine lifting/lowering of material and serve as an essential part of a site’s rescue plan. Our rescue-rated davit cranes are preconfigured with various essential components that meet the stringent standards set by ANSI and OSHA.

Each configuration includes a manually operated worm gear hand winch, ¼” wire rope, and an ANSI-rated carabiner. Enjoy peace of mind as these models feature meticulously selected and tested components to rescue individuals from heights, depths, and confined spaces, such as shafts, tanks, exhaust stacks, and more.

Flexible Mounting & Material Options

We understand that every rescue scenario has unique requirements. That’s why these specialty cranes come with multiple base options, providing the flexibility needed to meet various mounting needs. Whether it’s a pedestal, flush, or wall-mount configuration, Thern has you covered. For harsh environments that demand extra resistance against corrosion, we offer stainless-steel davit cranes and bases specifically designed to perform in these conditions.

A Component of a Complete Rescue Solution

One important note is that Thern’s rescue-rated davit cranes are not stand-alone pieces, but they can be incorporated as part of a comprehensive rescue system. Enable rescuers to navigate challenging environments with confidence and efficiency. Due to difficult access, victim condition, and personnel resources, using a properly equipped davit crane to move individuals who are in need of immediate lifesaving assistance can be the best course of action.

Our Rescue-Rated Series of davit cranes are equipped with compliant components, multiple base options, and the ability to seamlessly integrate into your rescue system. Contact us today to complete your rescue plan with a davit crane from Thern that can perform both material handling and lifesaving missions!

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