Who is Thern?

Over the past 70+ years, Thern has become an industry leader in providing exceptional cranes, winches, and rigging equipment to end-users. As a family-owned company, we stay true to our core values and believe a positive work culture leads to the best products and services. At Thern we rely on six main core values to help create the environment for success.

Get Stuff Done:

Thern employees pride themselves on their dedication and willingness to work hard. This core value is based on the ability to be productive and work to make the company excel.


Do the Right Thing:

Employees at Thern conduct themselves in an honest and trustworthy manner with customers and coworkers. No matter the outcome we are dedicated to doing the right thing.

Pursue Excellence:

It is vital in a company to be resourceful, positive, and always striving to perform at one’s best. For our products to be excellent, we must always be pushing to improve and innovate. Our team at Thern achieves excellence every day.

Put Others First:

To have a cohesive, productive environment, employees must work together as a team. Our employees are humble, caring, respectful, and helpful to other team members and all customers. We look out for one another to get the best end result for our customers.

Have Fun:

All work and no play? Not here at Thern. We believe it is important to enjoy coming in every day to the office. Work should be a place where you are free to be yourself and have fun. With great coworkers and an accepting atmosphere, smiles, laughter, and friendship are not in short supply.


At Thern, we welcome new challenges as it allows us to think creatively and outside the box. The dream core value is about being able to look beyond what is in front of you and come up with an improved idea, process, or product. As an employee, we dream to deliver success for ourselves and the rest of the Thern family. As a company, we dream to continue and provide the best in lifting pulling and positioning equipment for our customers.

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