Solutions by Thern: Lifting Grasshopper Ind. to New Heights

Thern hand winch provides variability to meet climbers exact specifications

The Client:

Grasshopper Industries, an innovator in the rock-climbing industry, has created an adjustable climbing wall that allows enthusiasts and professionals alike the ability to aggressively train is small spaces. The 12 feet tall, the 8-foot-wide wall is easy to assemble-and-install. A completely adjustable solution that will challenge your abilities and take your skills to new heights. The wall is easily interchangeable to design custom climbing situations to train, practice or just play. With the addition of LEDs, adjustable angles, and an app making it easy for anyone who uses the board to connect, the wall is a great looking addition to any workout space and allows users to challenge one another, and see solutions put together by other climbers all around the world.

The Challenge:

Different climbers come in and use the wall, each with unique specifications for the height and steepness they prefer. Climbers are looking for a wide range of combinations that will excite and challenge them. Grasshopper Ind. needed a way to efficiently match the wall to each climber’s specifications with precision and reliability.

Thern Solution:

Where does Thern play a role in all this you ask? Thern’s hand winch allows the wall to be raised, lowered and positioned to fit the skill level and needs of the climber. The winch plays a key part in allowing the climbing wall to be as compact as possible while providing a wide range of challenging scenarios. The Thern hand winch makes the wall capable of extending and retracting, adjusting the angle of attack to what the climber desires.

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