Waupaca Foundry Dual Drive Charge Bucket Winch

When you require power, precision and control for your foundry, Thern charge bucket winches satisfy these requirements. With a dual-motor system and custom sized drums with grooving for uniform wrapping, you’ll get the solution for your application.

Thern engineers and craftsmen worked in unison with ThyssenKrupp to meet their exacting specifications and build the largest winch to ever pass through Thern’s doors since the company began in 1948. The huge winch is up and operating beautifully and a second one has been ordered.

The unique project called for a grooved drum winch with high line speed in excess of 400 FPM, precise control and dual motors and gear boxes. The reason for the dual motors and gear boxes was to assure no down time should one motor fail or need maintenance as the winch will be running 24/7 in the customer’s foundry. Thern’s customer was extremely pleased with their new winch and couldn’t wait to try it out in their Tennessee factory.

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