Look No Further for the Best Hand Winch for Any Application

Maintaining 75 years of manufacturing excellence, Thern is proud to offer the best hand winches available on the market. When your job demands you to lift, lower, pull, or position a heavy load without power, count on our manual winches for superior performance. Our worm gear and spur gear models are designed with durability in mind for long service life. From construction and maritime to manufacturing and more, our hand winches are built tough to meet the demands of the job in any environment.

Insights on the Best Hand Winch via a Blind Research Study

In 2023, Thern proposed the idea of completing a research study to help better understand the hand winch market. We hired an experienced research firm, Diedrich RPM (DRPM), to conduct a blind market research survey to be completed by current and former customers, as well as prospective/non-customers.

The overall goal of this research was to understand Thern’s market position for hand winches among customers/non-customers to uncover buying motivators and barriers, as well as market trends. Research findings will be leveraged to better serve the hand winch market, drive future sales, and understand existing or underserved opportunities. 

Survey participation was optional and was solicited through a series of email campaigns. A total of 109 respondents completed the survey in its entirety. To participate, respondents were pre-screened to verify their decision-making status (level of involvement), job title/role (buyer, engineer, etc.), and market/industry (manufacturing, construction, water/wastewater, etc.).

By conducting the research study, we discovered:

  • Thern, Inc. was the most recognized supplier/manufacturer among survey respondents. 
  • More than two-thirds (67%) of respondents considered Thern to be their preferred or “go-to” supplier when purchasing hand winches.
  • Of those respondents who prefer Thern as a supplier, 92% noted that they would continue to use Thern hand winches, while 97% noted that they would recommend Thern hand winches to others. 
  • Of those respondents who are current or former Thern customers, 98% rated Thern’s product quality as better than or the same as the competition. 
  • Of those respondents who stated they are current Thern customers, more than 90% are very satisfied or satisfied with Thern.
  • Some verbatim comments included: “Great company. Excited to work with them more in the future!” and “Working with Thern had been an excellent experience. Thern keeps in touch with us and regularly checks in regarding their products and clients.”

Spur Gear and Worm Gear Hand Winches By Thern

At Thern, we offer two primary types of heavy-duty hand winches that don’t require a power source. Our Spur Gear Series of hand winches offers up to 10,000 lbs of load capacity and lifts faster than a worm gear winch but takes more force. Thern’s machine-cut spur gears provide long-lasting service and are available in various configurations to meet the performance requirements of your manual pulling, hoisting, or lowering applications.

Our Worm Gear Series of hand winches offers up to 4,600 lbs of load capacity and lifts slower than a spur gear winch but takes less force. Thern’s worm gear hand winches are available in multiple configurations and performance ratings to keep operations moving smoothly and efficiently. Worm gearing provides extra load-holding power for accurate positioning and secure control.

Look no further for the best hand winch to streamline operations on your job site. Our expert in-house engineering team has you covered if you require a customized solution. Connect with our team today to get a conversation started!

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