Solutions by Thern®: Reliable Davit Cranes

Ace Industries is a third generation, coast-to-coast family business that manufactures, services and provides parts for overhead cranes. They also distribute select brands of davit cranes, workstation cranes, and jib cranes. Read more to learn about how Thern Inc. and Ace Industries work together to supply high-quality equipment to their customers.

The Distributor:

Founded in 1932, Ace began as a machine shop and grew over time into the business it is today. By listening and responding to customer requests, they grew their offerings, ultimately becoming a premiere purveyor of a full array of custom material handling solutions. Services provided by Ace around the country include crane and hoist inspections, installations, modernizations and emergency breakdown repairs. They serve a wide spectrum of industrial customers, including but not limited to: power generation, metals and steel warehousing, transportation, military bases, city and county municipalities, pulp and paper, maritime, machine and fabrication shops, oil and gas, aerospace, water treatment, mining, manufacturing and general industry.

The Problem

Ace has recommended Thern equipment as a solution for a variety of situations. In this instance, the customer needed a lifting solution in a brand new building for a fiberoptic cable company. The original project specifications called for jib cranes with wire rope hoists. After reviewing the cost, it proved to be beyond the customer’s budget. It was also discovered that the power of the jib crane and wire rope hoist would have been too much for the smaller loads the company was planning to lift.

The Solution by Thern: Reliable Davit Cranes

The Ace representative recommended lower priced and extremely reliable Thern davit cranes instead of the specified jib cranes.


Davit cranes

Ace installed five Thern davit cranes, one on the roof of the facility and one more for each of the four floors above ground level. Each floor davit is next to a roll up door that opens to the outside and swings out for lifting. These davits will lift maintenance equipment, motors, and process machinery or parts that are too heavy to handle manually.

Davit Cranes

Ace has sold Thern davit cranes for decades and knows them to be trustworthy and long lasting. They were confident when steering the customer into a different direction that was a better fit for the job. As Josh Arwood, CEO at Ace Industries, says, “Ace Industries has been distributing Thern davit cranes since well before my time started at Ace in 1999! The longevity of the Ace and Thern relationship says a lot. They are quality made products that we stand behind.”

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