Why Choose Portable Davit Cranes?

Davit cranes feature a wide variety of portable or stationary options configured with either hand or power winch operation. Manual winches offer an effective lifting solution when no power source is available. When there is power available, AC, DC, pneumatic, or hydraulic operation is offered to swiftly lift the load. Portable davit cranes break down for easy transport and can be quickly set up to save on hefty installation costs, making work easier and more efficient. These cranes provide an excellent solution for any lifting, lowering, and positioning requirement.

Taking Safety and Convenience to New Heights

Safety all the way up. A safe and reliable workplace not only protects employees from injury but also results in increased productivity and quality while raising morale. That is why davit cranes are designed to increase safety on the job site, even on the most challenging projects.  

The days of having to rent a crane are over since the portability of davit cranes allows for easy transport and storage. When it is time for the crane to act, it can be placed in the most optimal location to make the job safer and more resourceful. Once it has done its job, a portable davit crane is dissembled as easily as it was assembled, saving valuable time with maximum productivity. 

One Crane, Multiple Bases

A portable davit crane allows for many bases to be utilized with one crane. With easy assembly, the crane can effortlessly be transported from one workstation to the next. Having multiple bases and fewer cranes can help reduce the cost to meet project budgets. With secure mounting and installation, various base types installed in numerous locations make it possible for a job to be completed almost anywhere. 

Common Uses for Portable Davit Cranes

Portable davit cranes have the versatility to be applicable in many different industries. Here are some examples of the uses of Thern davit cranes. 


Thern’s portable davit cranes are seen lifting pumps, mixers, screens, and motors in wastewater treatment plants around the world. Because of the durability and user-friendly nature of portable davit cranes, they are a safe and efficient option. They also have a corrosion-resistant finish, meaning they can withstand even the harshest of environments. 

Boat and Dock Mounted

Thern davit cranes provide an affordable option for cargo handling, loading, and unloading maintenance equipment, supplies, and more. The portable series can also be removed easily and placed in additional bases wherever needed. Avid kayaker Eric was in search of a way to keep his new two-man kayak/sail in pristine condition. After he hit the waves, he needed to keep it out of the salty water. Eric would take apart his kayak piece by piece, requiring a tremendous amount of time and energy. With the installation of a Thern First Mate® davit crane on his dock, Eric now effortlessly pulls his kayak out of the water for safekeeping until he is ready to go back out on the water


The NASA Stennis Space Center is a test site for rockets used in the Artemis Program. NASA needed a portable davit crane that could be mounted at various heights throughout the facility. With the use of four of Thern’s Commander® Series portable cranes, they were able to find a reliable solution in helping with the testing of the rockets. 


The sky is the limit for portable davit cranes! Lining the sky in Toronto, Canada, Thern davit cranes sit lifting air exchanger units and other HVAC equipment onto buildings of up to 15 stories. 

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