Thern® 4BP Electric Power Winch

Introducing the Thern® 4BP Electric Power Winch: From Special to Standard

Thern is launching a new product that will be an integral member of the heavy-duty electric power winch family. Introducing the 4BP series electric winch. Like the rest of Thern’s heavy-duty electric winches, this winch is built to handle long travel distances, accommodate faster line speeds, and give the operator ultimate control.

The new series of 4BP electric power winches consists of three different lifting or pulling capacity options. This includes 30,000, 40,000, and 50,000 pounds. Whether you are lifting or pulling, the winch is fully customizable, just like any other products Thern has to offer.

The engineers at Thern realized a demand for this winch when they noticed an increase in job applications that were lifting or pulling loads at a 30,000- to 50,000-pound capacity. Before the 4BP series, these applications were handled by a Thern heavy-duty winch with a rated capacity of up to 100,000 pounds, such as the 4HPB, or by a custom engineered winch. Because this request was common, Thern developed the custom winch perfect for these situations into a standard offering. That brought us to the introduction of the 4BP series heavy-duty electric power winches.

Therefore, by offering the 4BP series as a standard product, Thern can help more customers handle their heavy lifting, pulling, or positioning with a winch ideally suited for their application.

Key Features of the 4BP Electric Power Winch

  • Superior Thern quality provides lasting efficiency and productivity
  • Offered in the standard finish of enamel red frame and drum with a black epoxy finish on the motor and outboard bearing
  • Used for lifting or pulling
  • Large diameter welded steel drum
  • Bevel, planetary gearbox
  • TEFC – WEG motor with electric brake
  • Dedicated lifting points for installation
  • Operational standard accessories include:
    • Rotary limit switch
    • Drum guard
    • Drum locking pin
    • Pressure roller bar

The 4BP’s electric motor operates at a high level of performance while maintaining maximum energy efficiency. These motors have lower total operational cost and inverter duty application, and are durable.

Pair the new 4BP series winches with controls from a wide range of Thern’s control packages, including fixed- and variable-speed controls. When ordered from Thern, controls are conveniently mounted to the winch frame, minimizing the footprint of the winch.

4BP series winches are versatile, like all of Thern’s electric power winches. Possible applications for the 4BP series include barge positioning, rail car pulling, bulk material handling, and more. Contact a Thern sales representative and get your 4BP today!

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