Why Thern?

The Thern Advantage

Thern is a worldwide leader in exceptionally made lifting, pulling, and positioning equipment. Thern products are tough, versatile and reliable. Established in 1948, Thern Inc began as a small, family-owned business. In its humble beginnings, products such as corn shellers, lever operated chain hoists and differential chain hoists were the focus of the company. Since 1948, Thern has continued to innovate and create, adding a variety of new products to reach the impressive selection of winches, cranes, and rigging equipment offered today. Now with over 70 years of experience manufacturing heavy-duty lifting, pulling, and positioning equipment, Thern is an industry leader.

Thern’s advantage in an industry full of imitators and products with questionable quality are categorized by four main subjects: Impressive in-house engineering, a quick product turnaround, reliable warranty, and rigorous quality standards.

The Thern Advantage

In-House Engineering:

The large in-house engineering team is made up of talented individuals with decades of experience. Thanks to the knowledge, size, and passion of the team, no problem cannot be solved. Thern is dedicated to driving product innovation, having earned a trusted position in the marketplace with high-quality products and competitive pricing, that can only be maintained with continued service and innovation.

The Thern Advantage

Quick Turnaround:

Many of Thern’s manufacturing processes are vertically integrated resulting in exceptional lead and turnaround times, getting products to customers, fast. Stored inventory has a turnaround of just 3-5 days with a 2-day lead time.

The Thern Advantage

Reliable Warranty:

Thern delivers long-lasting products, with a goal is to make sure our customer has complete satisfaction with any product. To meet that satisfaction, the designs of our products are built to the highest standards of quality. Due to the trust in our quality, Thern stands behind a 2-year limited warranty, although rarely needed.

The Thern Advantage

Quality Standards:

Thern is ISO 9001:2015 certified, a standard based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and involvement of top management, and continuous improvement. Quality standards ensure that all Thern customers receive consistent quality products and services.

Thern is a stand-out in the industry with a great reputation for product quality. In 2018 Thern, Inc. partnered with an experienced research firm to conduct a blind market study aimed at uncovering what is important to users in the winch & crane industry. Over 91 percent of Thern Inc.’s primary customers believe that our product quality is better than the competition. Thern continues to maintain its high standards, ensuring customers will get consistent, high-quality products and services. These reasons and many others, make Thern the right choice for your lifting, pulling, and positioning needs.

Do you have a problem, but can’t figure out a solution? Contact Thern today, and leave the heavy lifting to us.





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