Lifting Made Easy: The Secret Weapon for Your Work Truck

Ever struggle to lift heavy equipment in the field? The WorkMate portable Davit crane base (5BH5) is your ultimate lifting sidekick on the job site. Compatible with various Thern cranes, this powerhouse is all about making your lifting challenge stress-free.

Stranded Without a Base? No Problem, the WorkMate Has Your Back

In this article, we will dive into our innovative product created with the person on the go in mind. The WorkMate’s brilliance undoubtedly lies in its versatility. Unlike standard hitch davit crane bases that limit you to side-mounted positions, the WorkMate boasts three unique setup options, making it a true transformer on the worksite:

  1. Directly Behind the Vehicle: This configuration requires just the base itself, perfect for situations where a central lifting point is ideal.
  2. Perpendicular to the Hitch: Using the included T-Hitch accessory, you can position the crane base at a 90-degree angle from your vehicle’s hitch. This opens doors for various lifting tasks on the side of your truck.
  3. Offset to the Left or Right: Need maximum reach for that awkwardly placed equipment? The WorkMate allows you to set up the crane base to the left or right of the vehicle hitch, providing unmatched versatility and exceptional reach.


Built-in Base Benefits for Effortless Lifting:

The WorkMate isn’t just about multiple configurations; it’s packed with features designed to make lifting efficient:

  • Rotation Stop: Sometimes, you need to keep your load nice and steady. The WorkMate’s integrated rotation stop limits crane and load movement when desired, providing extra control during lifting operations.

  • Easy-Carry Handle: Who needs a lifting partner for the base itself? The WorkMate features a centrally located easy-carry handle, making transport and positioning during setup a one-person job.


  • T-Hitch Pulley: (To clarify, this is for use with a perpendicular hitch setup) This innovative feature transforms the WorkMate into a pulling powerhouse. The T-Hitch pulley allows you to effortlessly pull loads toward your vehicle, a game-changer for those bulky materials that just won’t budge.

Tool-Free Assembly for Speedy Setup of the Base:

Forget wasting time wrestling with complex instructions and overflowing toolboxes. The WorkMate is designed for efficiency. The crane base itself is comprised of three parts that can be easily assembled without requiring any tools. That’s right, simply follow the intuitive design and get lifting in no time. This applies to the Crane Base and Support Legs, T-Hitch Leveling Jack Assembly (when not using the T-Hitch for a direct behind-the-vehicle setup), further streamlining the setup process.

Unparalleled Stability on Uneven Terrain:

A sturdy base is crucial for safe and secure lifting. The WorkMate takes stability seriously with two key components:

  1. Leveling Floor Jack: This jack provides additional support and the ability to compensate for uneven ground at the worksite. The adjustable height ensures compatibility with various receiver heights on your vehicle.
  2. Telescoping Legs with Pivoting Feet: The telescoping legs offer adjustability for a wide range of hitch receiver heights, accommodating most vehicles. The pivoting feet, meanwhile, guarantee stable ground contact on a variety of work surfaces, keeping your lifting operation secure on any terrain.


Who’s the WorkMate For?

The WorkMate prioritizes efficiency for pros who value getting the job done right. Investing in this option delivers long-term value. Here’s why it might be your perfect fit:

  • You’re a Thern Crane Owner: The WorkMate seamlessly integrates with Thern’s 5PF5, 5PA5, and 5PT5 cranes.
  • You Need Versatility: Multiple configurations and pulling capability tackle a variety of lifting challenges.
  • Quality Matters to You: Superior build, adjustable legs, leveling jack, and rotation stop ensure safe, secure lifting for years.

If you’re a professional demanding the best and expecting peak performance on the go, certainly, the Thern WorkMate Davit Crane Base is a wise investment.

In Conclusion:

The next time you find yourself single-handedly wrestling with an oversized load in a remote location, don’t settle for inefficient processes. Bring the name you trust – Thern. The Thern WorkMate Davit Crane Base is more than just a base; it’s a lifting game-changer. With its versatility, user-friendly features, and commitment to quality, the WorkMate empowers you to conquer your lifting challenge, no matter the location. Browse other Thern Crane Solutions and see how Thern can transform your lifting experience. Still have questions? Contact our team today – we’re here to help!

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