Portable Lifting Equipment Perfect for Non-Industrial Applications

Hopefully the headline makes you raise your eyebrows and wonder, “What exactly are they talking about? When and where would a person utilize portable lifting equipment in applications that are non-industrial?” We’re glad to explain! Portable lifting equipment takes many forms and is applied in different ways.

Versatile Portable Lifting Equipment Examples

Lifting Tables

Lifting tables or adjustable height conveyor systems are utilized in light manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics operations. They improve ergonomics and avoid lifting or repetitive motions. Small utility winches such as the Thern Dura-Hoist 4771 or Atlas 4WP2 can provide compact lifting power for these applications making operations both safer and more efficient.


Thern Dura-Hoist 4771


Atlas 4WP2


Portable Lift

The need for lifting and lowering equipment in either developed sites or remote locations is seemingly endless. In most buildings, the ability to perform an electric lift is easy. Due to developed infrastructure, many building sites either have single-phase or three-phase power supplies. Therefore, winches or cranes plug or wire into an existing power source. An example might be a Commander® 2000 davit crane with an electric winch mounted on the roof of a building to assist in the maintenance of HVAC equipment.


In remote locations however, many applications requiring a powered lift use a generator to power the winch or crane. Personnel responsible for the construction of cell towers often select the Thern Liberty® capstan winch with an optional hitch mount to provide them with the portable lift they need to get the job done. Should a gen set be utilized, it’s important that it is properly sized to accommodate the demands of the winch. In addition, all extension cords should be properly sized (gauge and length). If there is no power available at all, a Thern worm drive winch such as the 4WM2 with an optional portable drill drive might be just the ticket for providing heavy-duty lifting power for your team. In this case, users might want to consider a Commander® 500 davit crane paired with a Workmate hitch mount to lift and lower pumps and other equipment.


Liberty Swivel Mount
Thern Liberty® capstan winch


Thern worm drive winch such as the 4WM2


No matter the jobsite, Thern offers portable lifting equipment to get the job done quickly and safely. Please contact us at [email protected] or visit one of our local distributors today for additional information or support for your next project.

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