Meet the Thern Team: Nick Jones

Nick Jones is the Industrial Market Manager for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa.  He has pride in the Thern products and solutions he provides to customers. Overall, Nick feels good knowing that he is supplying the highest quality of cranes and winches to his customers. For Nick, it is important to believe in the product you are selling.

Before Nick came to Thern, he was a sales representative for an insurance company. Wanting to expand his horizon, he left the insurance company and searched for a different career path. Nick reports that he chose to work at Thern for a number of reasons, “Firstly, the folks I met in the interview process were very impressive and I wanted to work with them. Second, I wanted to sell something tangible, interesting, and that made a lasting impact. Lastly, I wanted to feel good about the products I would be selling.”

After joining the Thern team, Nick was appreciative of the Thern team for their helpfulness and eagerness to teach him the ropes. He says, “We have an exceptional team here at Thern, and I’m always impressed by everyone’s skill, professionalism, and kindness.”

When he sells a Thern crane or winch, Nick is often looking at the bigger picture. He sees the product he sells as a part of an important project that benefits the population at large, like the construction of a bridge or the loading of cargo onto a ship. Thern has truly given Nick a career he loves, the chance to work with people he respects, and the privilege of enjoying going to work.

Before entering the civilian workforce, Nick served in the United States Air Force for 10 years. During his time in the armed forces, Nick visited over 63 international states and provinces and over 20 countries! Thern thanks Nick for his service to this country.

Undoubtedly, Nick Jones is a crucial member of the sales team at Thern. “Nick joined our team having never sold industrial equipment,” says John Lund, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “If you talk to Nick today, you’d think he’s always been in the industry. Nick is super passionate about the products he sells and the solutions he provides to his customers.”

Nick Jones’ hard work and dedication to Thern products are integral the success of the company. Thern is proud to have him on their team!

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