Solutions By Thern: Reliable Lifting with Davit Cranes

Thern Cranes provide a safe solution for transporting equipment in CEMEX’s Aggregate Material Plant

The Client:

CEMEX, founded in 1906, has transformed from a small regional cement firm into a global leader in the building material industry. They dominate with a presence of 56 cement plants located in 50 countries worldwide. They are an organization recognized for its high-quality products in the construction industry. CEMEX’s products are used for residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects. One aspect of their company that proves crucial to its success is the importance of having a safe and healthy work environment.

The Challenge:

Without the proper equipment, working in quarries and cement plants can be dangerous and risky. This is why CEMEX purchases the highest quality equipment that will reduce risks for its assets, employees, and neighbors. The cement-making process is a long, and tedious one. Once the huge rocks are mined and have been fragmented they are transported to the plant and are delivered to the crushers to be crushed into aggregate. The aggregate must be sorted into different sizes depending on the type of cement being made. This is done by a sorting process made of metal screens that decrease in hole size as the aggregate is processed through.

Recently, CEMEX was looking for reliable equipment that could use to lift the filtering screens from the sorting area when they need to be replaced or cleaned. Safety, as well as consistency and accuracy lifting the screens, proved to be important to CEMEX, and they needed gear that would meet all their expectations.

Thern Solution:

Thern worked with Kennedy Wire Rope to provide three Commander Davit Cranes to safely and efficiently lift the separation screens to and from the sorting area. To keep the filtering process as precise as possible, the screens need to be cleaned weekly. The davits are used to lift and lower the screens 65 feet, with each screen weighing between 200lbs to 500lbs. Unsurprisingly, Thern Davit Cranes handle the job with meticulousness and reliability. CEMEX has used these cranes for over four years, with no complaints or problems. Thern yet again finds a way to provide reliability and safety no matter the job.

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