Solutions by Thern: A Fast Turnaround for a Perfect Fit

Thern utilizes rapid turnaround time to deliver a fast-reliable solution

The Client:

In 1995, a company was formed and became a leading producer of primary aluminum needs which refers to aluminum produced directly from mined ore. The role of the primary aluminum plant is to manufacture standard grade and value-added primary aluminum products. This leading producer of aluminum needs, operates a number of aluminum reduction plants throughout the United States and Iceland.

The Challenge:

When their winch broke down, this company needed a high-powered, high-quality winch to unload their product onto the barge, and they needed it fast as the production of aluminum requires 24/7 operations and cannot be halted. They told us “Not only does curtailment of any portion of our operations hurt ourselves, it also threatens the availability of aluminum produced within the United States, which has been found by the Departments of Defense and Commerce to be critical to the U.S. national security and critical infrastructure.”

Thern’s Solution:

It was absolutely critical that this leading producer of aluminum needs did not experience material delays during this process. Jim Wilson in Technical Sales was able to provide a solution from Thern’s 4HP Series on a strict deadline. Jim was able to put together a quote that delivered what they needed while turning the completed order around in just three and a half weeks. Thern was able to provide a fast, reliable solution utilizing its modular product designs and flexible manufacturing processes.

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