The Top Advantages of a Construction Winch on the Jobsite

Big construction projects call for tough equipment that can perform reliably under any conditions. Having a dependable construction winch can make all the difference for applications such as lifting heavy tools/materials and tensioning cables on bridges to erecting steel and positioning concrete beams. Thern is pleased to offer a wide range of construction winches that can streamline your work on the jobsite, day in and day out.

How Thern Construction Winches Can Streamline Your Operations

4HBP Series Winches at Thern

If you require a construction winch with brute strength and a modular design, our 4HBP Series has you covered. Thern’s Helical Bevel Planetary Series is ideal for heavy-duty applications requiring long travel distances and quick line speeds. Featuring a 35,000 to 100,000 lb. load capacity, these electric winches include an enclosed, direct-drive gearing design that delivers dependable operation while reducing overall maintenance. Thern’s modular design means we can easily customize these winches to meet your exact specifications.

4HPF Series Winches at Thern

Look no further for a construction winch that’s ideal for long lifts and fast line requirements. Thern’s Helical Parallel Series are electric winches with fully enclosed direct-drive gearing, lowering maintenance costs and delivering consistent performance for your most demanding pulling applications. The 4HPF Series has a 2,000 to 25,000 lb. load capacity and feature helical/parallel, high-efficiency gearing. Built with a modular design, we can also easily customize these winches to meet your exact specifications.


For projects in remote or harsh environments, our Big Red Legacy Series is an ideal solution. Featuring a 4,700 to 37,000 lb. load capacity, these air winches are built with a radial piston motor that’s internally lubricated for reliable power and long service life. A precise control valve makes it ideal for both precision spotting and long lifts. The heavy-duty, long-handled steel band brake requires less force to engage and provides up to 150% holding capacity. At Thern, we understand that every job is different, so we allow you to build this line of winches to suit your specific needs using our extensive line of accessories and options. The better suited the winch, the better completed the task.


Get portable and dependable power for various utility lifts with our Atlas Series. With up to a 2,000 lb. load capacity, Thern’s 4WP2 Series Atlas worm gear portable electric winches give you the lifting power when and where you need it. Convenient lifting handles and pendant control make positioning and operation convenient, with a built-in pressure plate to help keep wire rope tight on the drum when the winch is not in use.

A Construction Winch Case Study

New Century Plaza is a luxury condominium complex located adjacent to the famous Fox Studios in Hollywood. This client needed hoisting units on their twin 45-story towers to complete their project and provide ongoing access for maintenance and repairs. The hoisting units had to be attached to existing building maintenance rails, allowing positioning of the exterior curtain wall panels from the 43rd through 45th floors, with each panel weighing up to 2,000 lbs.

Thern supplied six 3WG4 power winches, as well as six single-speed electric motor controls to be mounted in conjunction with the 16-ft-tall, 3,800-lb. customized hoisting systems. We were selected for this project by the owner of Construction Applications & Consulting (CAC), Darryl Senne, who had decades of success using Thern products in demanding applications. He noted, “We chose a Thern winch because we have been using them since 1983 and have never had a failure. We aren’t afraid to spend a little more for the best because we are always happy in the end.”

If you need a construction winch for your upcoming projects, Thern has you covered. Industrial Market Manager Jay Atienza said, “We offer proven product dependability and support from experienced staff. Our reputation for quality helps to assure that your work is safe and productive.”  Connect with us today to get started!

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