2K Liberty Electric Capstan Winch

Lift Even More with the 2,000 Pound Liberty Electric Capstan Winch by Thern!

Thern has delivered yet another winner… the 2,000-pound (900 kilogram) capacity Liberty electric capstan winch. The new capstan has all the same innovative features of Thern’s best-selling 1,000-pound (450 kilogram) model, with double the lifting capacity.

2,000 Pound (900 Kilogram) Capacity Liberty Capstan Winch:

  • Double the Lifting Capacity: The 2,000 pound (900 kilogram) Capstan provides a step change in efficiency. By lifting more weight, Thern customers can potentially complete tasks with a fewer number of lifts.
  • New, Reinforced Hitch Mount: The hitch mount accessory has been redesigned to safely bear the force of larger loads. The new hitch mount engineered to mate with a Class 5, 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch receiver (63.5 mm x 63.5 mm). Class 5 hitches are found on larger trucks and service vehicles. For convenience, the 1,000 pound (450 kilogram) Liberty capstans may also be mounted to the new 3CP2S-HM hitch mount.
  • Enhanced Motor Features: Thern updated the motor for all Liberty series capstan winches to include three key features:
    • Signal light that indicates the unit is reaching high internal temperatures.
    • Resettable breaker that will trip if the unit draws too much current.
    • Cooling fan allows airflow to circulate inside the motor.

In addition to these changes, features that have made the Liberty series capstan winch popular and reliable are also included in the 2,000 pound (900 kilogram) model:

Features of all Thern Liberty Capstan Winches:

  • Footprint: The 2,000 lb. (900 kg) Liberty capstan has roughly the same dimensions as the original capstan.
  • Safety Features: Integrated safety features to keep your crews safe; the Liberty comes standard with a footswitch, rope keep, rope lock, and two carrying handles.
  • Lightweight but Rugged: The 2,000 lb. (900 kg) model weighs 88 pounds (39 kilograms), only 12 pounds (5 kilograms) more than the original 1,000 pound (450 kilogram) model. Both unites include the swivel mount base… competitors’ products require a swivel mount be purchased separately.
  • Quiet operation: Both Liberty models operate at less than 80 dBa – measured at 3 feet – ensuring seamless communication for your team and allowing for increased productivity and a safer work environment.

Applications of the Liberty Electric Capstan Winch

The Liberty portable electric capstan winch is used on a variety of jobsites. It is used extensively in communication tower erection, elevator construction/maintenance, power generation/distribution and rigging for arborists.

“Thern’s 1,000-pound capacity capstan winch handles most tasks for communications tower technicians, lifting tools and cellular panels up to 400 feet into the sky. However, some jobs call for a winch that can handle more weight,” says Nick Jones, Industrial Market Manager at Thern. “Thern’s new 2,000 pound Liberty Capstan winch can now meetthat need while providing the same great features that make the 1,000 pound model so popular and reliable.”

As John Lund, VP of Sales and Marketing at Thern, points out, “With the advent of 5G technology, the equipment placed by communication tower professionals is much heavier than prior 3G and 4G systems.  With a working load limit up to 2,000 pounds, Thern’s new Liberty 2K model allows crews to work safely and efficiently.  Beyond tower erectors, this winch gives electrical contractors flexibility in placement of transformers where accessibility for larger equipment becomes an issue.”

Other key markets of the Liberty capstan winch are elevator construction and maintenance, general construction, and wind towers. Lund mentions, “arborists, foresters and loggers find tremendous benefit when using a high capacity capstan for safely handling limbs and logs in environmentally sensitive areas or particularly tight quarters.”

Contact a sales representative at Thern Incorporated about the portable series of Liberty capstan winch today!

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