Meet the Thern Team – Michael Bubbers

Michael Bubbers has been working at Thern for 9 months as Shipping Coordinator and has recently been promoted to the role of Shipping / Receiving Lead. After learning from a friend about Thern’s wonderful work environment, Michael applied for a position within the organization. Throughout his time at Thern, Michael learned that the people make his experience what it is. Every day he comes into work feeling like he is valued as more than just an employee, but also as a person.

Thern is committed to the success of their workers. This is one thing that makes Michael optimistic about working at Thern. He sees this dedication not only to employees, but also to customers. Thern works hard to offer quality goods to every end-user. In his nine months at Thern, Michael was most struck by the presence of Thern in various industries. One industry in particular that he considered fascinating was the manufacturing of theater rigging products.

When not at work, Michael has a wide variety of activities he enjoys, such as boating and fishing with his family. Although when the fish aren’t biting, Michael writes and performs sketch comedy. Some of which his co-workers have attended and swore were quite comical.
When asked what words more people should live by he told us, “It is possible to commit no errors and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life.” – Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Michael believes this quote is a good reminder that sometimes we expect too much of ourselves.

Thank you Michael for bringing joy and value to our family at Thern. We appreciate all that you have to offer!

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