Solve Long Lift Problems with Thern Davit Cranes

Long Lift Cranes by Thern are Up for Any Challenge

Thern has been providing solutions for long lifts for decades. A recent update to the standard product offering has enabled Thern to offer even better long and heavy lift cranes for a wide range of height and lifting capacity requirements.

What’s Considered a Long Lift Crane?

A long lift is any job that requires lifting a load for a considerable distance from below floor level of the crane. Some examples include a crane on top of a silo, a crane located on the roof of a building for HVAC maintenance, or any crane that helps bring equipment to a construction team. The examples are endless, and Thern offers a solution to all of them with their long lift cranes.

Thern’s Long Lift Cranes

Thern has modified the reliable and familiar Thern Commander® 1000 and Thern Commander® 2000 to standard long lift crane options. These davit cranes feature:

  • The ability to lift loads up to 2,000 pounds
  • A lift height of up to 385 feet below floor level of the crane
  • 115- and 230-Volt options
  • Various finishes including powder coat, stainless steel, or epoxy for harsh environments
  • Effortless rachet boom adjustment
  • Easy set up and installation

Thern also offers wireless controls for the Commander 1000 and 2000. The wireless control systems can be specifically engineered to match the needs of any application. There are many benefits to the wireless control systems, one being that it removes the limitations of a corded pendant’s operating position. This is extremely helpful in the case of a long lift. It gives the operator the power to lower or raise a load from the best location.

Yet another feature that accompanies the Thern Commander davit cranes is the variety of bases available to choose from. From a pedestal mount or flush mount to a wall mount, there is a suitable base for any job.

Finally, these long lift cranes are portable. Thern’s customers can lift and lower in multiple locations on the job when they invest in several bases. Not only is this option more convenient for the operator, but multiple bases can also save on overall cost of lifting equipment.

Long lifts are no longer a problem with long lift cranes by Thern. Contact a sales representative today!

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