An International Company

An International Company Manufacturing Top-Quality Winches and Cranes

Winona, Minnesota may be a small town, but it is home to Thern, Inc., an international company that manufacturers winches and cranes. From this modest location along the Mississippi River below towering bluffs, Thern, Inc. sells products to customers around the world.

Thern has been an international company for decades

Thern has been supplying winches, cranes, hoists, and controls outside of the United States for many years. Current international distributors of Thern products still remember calls from CEO Fred Morgan, Thern’s first “international salesman” who retired in 2016. Fred frequently called to inquire about their business and how Thern could provide solutions to their lifting problems. As technology around communication evolved, so did Thern’s global business. Leveraging the ease of global communication, Fred developed relationships with distributors and customers near and far.

Because of those efforts decades ago, Thern has distribution in 6 of the 7 continents.

According to our VP of Sales and Marketing, John Lund, the only reason Thern doesn’t distribute to all continents is because, “We’ve determined that penguins don’t require winches and cranes, so don’t expect us to have total coverage anytime soon!” John adds, “Of course we have distributors in all of the ‘normal’ places you’d expect an American company to be, like Mexico, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the UK. However, you might not expect to see Thern in such places like New Zealand, Australia, Peru, Chile, Panama, India, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates. We have distribution in all those countries and more.”

An international business needs an international sales team. 

Based in Winona and the Netherlands, Thern’s international sales team is growing fast. Digital marketing is integral to the international sales team, as it makes it easier to connect with customers worldwide.  John Lund states, “Our website is available in multiple languages, and our product designs are produced in such a way to make it easier to purchase and utilize a Thern product whether you are in Montevideo, Minnesota or Montevideo, Ecuador!”

Popular products in a global market. 

Thern, Inc. is a global winch and crane manufacturer with products utilized in a variety of applications around the world. Thern products are incredibly versatile and dependable. A few products continue to be popular with customers from every country. The 5PT10 Commander® 1000 davit crane is a limit switch-ready portable davit crane that can be paired with a hand winch (spur or worm gear) or electric winch. Another popular line of products includes the 4WP2 Atlas and 3WG4 Atlas II electric winches. With 2,000-pound (907 kg) and 4,600-pound (2,086 kg) load ratings, these winches make easy work of lifting, positioning, or pulling applications.

Here are a few examples of Thern products that lift, position, and pull around the world:


winch in Uruguay

Thern designs and builds winch systems to assist with the positioning and loading of barges at terminals. This blog features a barge positioning system in Uruguay!


WWT in Germany

Thern portable davit cranes and electric winches are located at a wastewater treatment plant in northern Germany. Read this blog to see how they are used to lift small loads, as well as some of the pumps.



Thern Commanders can be found on oil skimmers provided by DESMI. Founded in Denmark, DESMI manufactures, sells, and services pumping solutions and cleanup systems worldwide.

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