Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes: Ensuring Worker Safety – from Lifting Materials to Lifting Lives 

Rescue-rated davit crane lifting man over water in a rescue boat

Imagine this: a tense situation unfolds at a construction site. A worker is injured and trapped in a confined space. Every second counts. This is where Thern Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes transform from Lifting Materials to Lifting Lives.  For over 75 years, Thern davit cranes have been a mainstay in various industries, from construction and mining … Read more

Product Spotlight: Hitch-Mounted Davit Crane Base

davit crane base

Introducing the Thern® WorkMate hitch-mounted davit crane base! This newly designed davit crane base is compatible with a standard 2-inch receiver hitch of a work vehicle, allowing for a mounted crane and winch to travel directly to the worksite. With the WorkMate, Thern customers can now lift, lower, pull, or position equipment anytime, anywhere. Features … Read more

Best Davit Cranes for Offshore Wind Projects

Best Davit Cranes for Offshore Wind Projects

As the switch to clean energy becomes more crucial than ever, Thern® is ready to meet that need head-on with its top-quality lifting solutions! Although there are many forms of renewable energy, generating power through wind is growing in popularity, which increases the demand for reliable equipment to install and maintain the turbines. Keep reading … Read more

New Winch & Crane Wireless Remote Controls

crane wireless remote controls

Thern® electric winches and davit cranes save time, reduce operator fatigue, and enhance precision. Faster and more accurate lifting, lowering, pulling, and positioning equates to greater productivity, which is enhanced even further with a Thern control system. Thern control systems can be specifically engineered to match the needs of any application and all the demands … Read more

New Website Configurator to Streamline the Crane Purchasing Process

Thern website configurator

Thern® Partners with Helioz zipCPQ™ to Streamline the Digital Customer Experience Shopping online can be difficult and confusing. At Thern, we work to make our customers’ online experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. In an effort to offer our customers a better way to select and view various solutions available for their projects, we … Read more

Davit Crane vs. Jib Crane: A Breakdown

davit crane vs. jib crane

Davit Crane vs. Jib Crane The terms davit crane and jib crane are often used interchangeably. This is most likely because they have some similar characteristics and uses. A davit and a jib are both typically made of steel and are used to lift or lower equipment in a variety of settings. However, the similarities … Read more

Electric Winch vs. Hydraulic | Thern® Winches & Cranes

Winches are an essential product in many industries, including construction, marine, oil and gas, bulk material handling, wastewater, and theater. Depending on the application, the power source for the winch may include manual, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic. Two of the most common power inputs are hydraulic and electric. Each provides various advantages and disadvantages for … Read more

Can Industrial Winches and Hoist Complete the Same Job?

Industrial winches and hoists are designed to move many types of loads. Both of these mechanical devices are the same in a number of ways. They can be manual (hand-powered), electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic. But some applications are simply better with a winch while others should only employ a hoist. When should you discriminate against … Read more

Why Choose Portable Davit Cranes?

portable davit cranes

Davit cranes feature a wide variety of portable or stationary options configured with either hand or power winch operation. Manual winches offer an effective lifting solution when no power source is available. When there is power available, AC, DC, pneumatic, or hydraulic operation is offered to swiftly lift the load. Portable davit cranes break down … Read more

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