Heavy-Duty Industrial Winches for Pulling Sludge Carts & Dumpsters

heavy duty industrial winches

Water/wastewater treatment plants provide crucial services to help protect people and local ecosystems from harmful elements found in wastewater. For decades, Thern has served as a reliable source for lifting, pulling, and positioning equipment involved in municipal and industrial water treatment processes. One common use for our heavy-duty industrial winches at these facilities is to … Read more

Made in the USA: A Leading Midwest Winch & Crane Manufacturer

We live in a country that has always prided itself on entrepreneurship and encouraging the growth of locally run businesses. Our company had humble beginnings, being founded in Winona, Minnesota, by Royal G. Thern and his wife Lucille in 1948. At the time, Thern began manufacturing a handful of basic winches and other miscellaneous tools. … Read more

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