When & Where Should You Use an Air Winch?

From mining and oil/gas to construction and marine industries, air winches serve as the ideal solution for pulling and lifting heavy loads in hazardous or explosive environments. This is because these winches are powered by compressed air and don’t produce sparks or heat, which enhances overall safety on the worksite. Thern is pleased to offer … Read more

Look No Further for the Best Hand Winch for Any Application

Maintaining 75 years of manufacturing excellence, Thern is proud to offer the best hand winches available on the market. When your job demands you to lift, lower, pull, or position a heavy load without power, count on our manual winches for superior performance. Our worm gear and spur gear models are designed with durability in … Read more

Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes for Emergency Situations

Durable. Reliable. Versatile. Three words that describe Thern davit cranes. With 75 years in business, you can count on our equipment to perform in crucial industries, from water/wastewater and manufacturing to construction and mining. The applications are virtually limitless. Continuing our commitment to innovation, we are pleased to introduce our new Rescue-Rated Series of davit … Read more

Heavy-Duty Industrial Winches for Pulling Sludge Carts & Dumpsters

heavy duty industrial winches

Water/wastewater treatment plants provide crucial services to help protect people and local ecosystems from harmful elements found in wastewater. For decades, Thern has served as a reliable source for lifting, pulling, and positioning equipment involved in municipal and industrial water treatment processes. One common use for our heavy-duty industrial winches at these facilities is to … Read more

Made in the USA: A Leading Midwest Winch & Crane Manufacturer

We live in a country that has always prided itself on entrepreneurship and encouraging the growth of locally run businesses. Our company had humble beginnings, being founded in Winona, Minnesota, by Royal G. Thern and his wife Lucille in 1948. At the time, Thern began manufacturing a handful of basic winches and other miscellaneous tools. … Read more

Explore Full-Time Jobs with Benefits at Thern

work at Thern, Love your job!

Look no further for a fulfilling career! At Thern, we seek talented people to join our team of dedicated professionals. In addition to a welcoming company culture, we’re pleased to offer full-time jobs with benefits such as a 401(k) with match, insurance package options, generous paid time off, opportunities for bonuses, and so much more … Read more

The Top Advantages of a Construction Winch on the Jobsite

Big construction projects call for tough equipment that can perform reliably under any conditions. Having a dependable construction winch can make all the difference for applications such as lifting heavy tools/materials and tensioning cables on bridges to erecting steel and positioning concrete beams. Thern is pleased to offer a wide range of construction winches that … Read more

Meet The Thern Team – Nicola Di Sante


Thern would like to introduce Nicola Di Sante, our Sales Manager in Southern Europe. As a newer addition to the team, he’s worked hard over the last 4 months to get acclimated to the company. Depending on the week, he travels to visit customers and distributors to ensure satisfaction across Europe. He also spends time … Read more

The Difference Between a Winch vs. Hoist: Explained

winch vs. hoist

In the industrial realm, moving various types of loads can be a daily task. From lifting mixers or pumps to pulling a sludge cart, your business could benefit from a reliable winch or hoist to streamline operations. You may be wondering what the main differences are between a winch vs. hoist and which option is … Read more

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