Electric Winch vs. Hydraulic | Thern® Winches & Cranes

Winches are an essential product in many industries, including construction, marine, oil and gas, bulk material handling, wastewater, and theater. Depending on the application, the power source for the winch may include manual, pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic. Two of the most common power inputs are hydraulic and electric. Each provides various advantages and disadvantages for … Read more

Zero Lost Time for 2020 at Thern

Thern employees continue to impress! As Thern continues to grow in many positive ways, the safety record is no exception, improving just the same. Employees that Care At Thern, employees care about the safety of themselves and others. Zero lost time was a company goal for 2020 and continues to be a goal going forward. … Read more

Can Industrial Winches and Hoist Complete the Same Job?

Industrial winches and hoists are designed to move many types of loads. Both of these mechanical devices are the same in a number of ways. They can be manual (hand-powered), electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic. But some applications are simply better with a winch while others should only employ a hoist. When should you discriminate against … Read more

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