Your Line Speed Questions, Answered

Winch Line Speed Questions and Answers. Image of Rail car positioning winch.

Winches may seem simple, but understanding their nuances is key to efficient and safe operation. A central concept is line speed – how fast the rope or cable moves. It’s more complex than you might think! The truth is not all winches are best suited for your application based on various factors including load rating. … Read more

Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes: Ensuring Worker Safety – from Lifting Materials to Lifting Lives 

Rescue-rated davit crane lifting man over water in a rescue boat

Imagine this: a tense situation unfolds at a construction site. A worker is injured and trapped in a confined space. Every second counts. This is where Thern Rescue-Rated Davit Cranes transform from Lifting Materials to Lifting Lives.  For over 75 years, Thern davit cranes have been a mainstay in various industries, from construction and mining … Read more

Lifting Made Easy: The Secret Weapon for Your Work Truck

Red crane on pickup truck hitch mount base

Ever struggle to lift heavy equipment in the field? The WorkMate portable Davit crane base (5BH5) is your ultimate lifting sidekick on the job site. Compatible with various Thern cranes, this powerhouse is all about making your lifting challenge stress-free. Stranded Without a Base? No Problem, the WorkMate Has Your Back In this article, we … Read more

Solution by Thern: Innovative Wind Turbine Maintenance

The Client: Northern Power Systems (NPS), a prominent Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specializing in wind turbine electric power generators, sought out Thern for a unique and challenging problem. NPS faced a crucial issue regarding the maintenance of their turbine generator and rotor assemblies. The existing solution involved renting a large ground-based truck crane. However, this … Read more

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