Dredge & Barge Positioning Winches

Whether your pond is large or small, we design a dredge positioning winch system tailored to your specifications, complete with sophisticated control packages that provide pinpoint accuracy.

Dredge Positioning Winches | Custom Built for Coram Materials

Thern supplied Coram Materials with four 4 HS16M winches to position and hold a 600-ton barge to dredge 1000 tons of sand per hour.

“All we are using is an across-line reversing starter. We have it set up so that the winches can be operated either by push buttons right beside them, or remotely from switches in the operating cab.” The winches precisely maneuver the rig wherever the operator requires it to be on the water while supplying constant tension to continuously hold it securely in position. “The winches [have] performed as we expected them to,” said Hoobler. “The most important factor of their operation is the holding power of the brakes, and they have never been overpowered by the wind. As for the pulling power, we like the blend of speed and economy of this winch.”

 Marine and Bulk-Handling Winches

Thern power winches provide the power and control needed for dependable handling of heavy loads. From positioning barges to pulling rail cars, positioning load-out chutes to hoisting equipment, our winches are working in all areas of marine and bulk handling. Thern winches are also used to raise and lower walkways on ships and off-shore oil rigs.

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